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Ibiza Town - two new 5 star hotels

Two new top-end hotels and refurbishment of Vara de Rey.

Two new five star hotels are set to land in Vara de Rey in Ibiza Town. These top new hotels will be coupled with a remodelling of this well-known Ibiza promenade to give the whole area a refresh. The combined works look set to change the face of the core of the city centre and are on course to commence in October 2016.

The two new five star hotels will include a major upgrade for the existing Montesol Hotel, which is being carried out by the Hilton chain of hotels. The defunct hotel will reopen changing its classification to a five star superior hotel. The building is characterised by its yellow and white painted exterior and is listed as an important site by the Spanish Culture Ministry. The second new luxury hotel will be constructed on the site of the old cinema, Cine Serra, which closed down in November last year and is backed by financing from KKH Capital Group.

The municipal council has budgeted €3 million for the changes to the Vara de Rey promenade, which will see upgrades to the pedestrianised area and the road that runs alongside it.

Whilst the Montesol Hotel project has the all clear for the upgrade since it has operated as a hotel previously, there are still a few hoops to jump through to get the Cine Serra site approved since the courts cancelled the land use planning application. The Consistorio, a division of the council is working to fix this so all works can begin at the same time, so there is minimal disruption to tourists and residents.

The municipal council feels that five star hotels located in the centre will give a great boost to trade and tourism in Ibiza Town. By providing more luxury hotels, the island meets rising demand and the island broadens its top end accommodation.

There's still a while to go before everything is complete and we'll be keeping you posted of any developments.

WORDS: Julian Heathcote

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