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Bon Nadal from Sant Josep

So here it is, Merry Christmas, Everybody's having fun

So here it is, Merry Christmas, Everybody's having fun, Look to the future now,
It's only just begun. Yes we're getting in the Christmas mood in Ibiza with the release of the borough of San Jose's Christmas programme. Like every other year since time immemorial, the main activities will take place in marquees erected in the towns.

In these small country parishes many of the events – obscure card games, pastry competitions, visits to the old people's home, ping-pong and Wii competitions – are strictly for the Catalan speaking local populace. I've waded through all the parcel wrapping workshops, bicycle excursions and Scalextric comps to bring Spotlight's readers the most exciting events of the season.

ivan domenech in concert in san jose

17, 21.30, San Jose – Sobrassada Rock with Sequoia, Projecte Mut, Cris Juanico and Els Mags de Binigall.
18, 22.00, San Jose – 80's party with DJ Pharma
19, 19.30, San Jorge – Folk Festival and live music by Aires Formenterencs
22, 20.00, San Jose – Christmas Concert
24, 24.00, San Jose – Christmas party with DJ Javi Box
25, 01.00, San Jorge – Christmas with Statuas de Sal
25, 19.00, San Jose – Bingo
26, 21.30, San Jorge – Concert with Captus and The Blues Mafia Big Band

01, 00.30, San Jose – Ivan Domenech (photo) live in an 80's stylee
05, 18.30, Cala de Bou - Arrival of the Three Kings
05, 20.00, San Jose, San Jorge, San Agustin – Arrival of the Three Kings

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