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Ibiza's Traditional Agriculture

All roads led to Ibiza's second city, San Antonio, on Sunday

All roads led to Ibiza's second city, San Antonio, on Sunday. Large crowds headed to the town to see exhibitions of traditional rural crafts in “IV Sant Antoni Rural” at the agricultural cooperative.

People were treated to the sight of how things were not that long ago – horses and carts, ploughing with mules, sheep herding with dogs and pottery making. It wasn't all work and no play though as San Mateo folk dancers the Colla d´Aubarca dressed in outfits from the 17th to 20th centuries entertained one and all. And to top it off there was lashings of food from the barbecue and drink available at the extremely popular price of €1 for a drink, €2 for breakfast, and only €6 for lunch.

It's a shame that traditional country skills seem to be dying out on the island. Only 40 farmers can still plough their fields with a horse-drawn plough and they're all getting on in years.

However one thing that we won't lose in the near future is the wonderful sight of the Almond trees in bloom in Santa Ines which was another place packed to capacity yesterday as we celebrated its local fiesta.

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