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A Family Affair - Gran Sol Hotel, Ibiza

The Hotel Gran Sol in the Cala des Moro area of San Antonio, Ibiza has been a family affair

The Hotel Gran Sol in the Cala des Moro area of San Antonio, Ibiza has been a family affair from its inception right up to the present day.

The story starts in 1969 when brothers Vicente and José Prats who had owned the Roca Hostal since 1960 were encouraged to build the Gran Sol to accommodate clients of one of the tour operators of the time, Clarkson's Holidays. Clarksons paid 7 years contract up front to finance the building of the hotel – a method which was prevalent in those days of the first tourist boom.

Since its construction, the size of the hotel has never changed and it still has 138 rooms with 264 beds. However there have been major changes in style, facilities and décor since then. In just the last few years all the bathrooms have been renovated, air conditioning and TV installed in every room, all the furniture has been changed, free strong boxes have been provided and all the doors have electronic security cards. As we write the reception and dining areas are being decorated and the near future will see the pool and terrace completely renovated. Not bad for a two star hotel?

These days, Vicente's son Pepe runs the Gran Sol along with no less than six other members of the family! Pepe has no doubt that the family atmosphere in the hotel rubs off onto the clients who become more like friends during their stay. He's sure this is why they have such a high percentage of repeat business, some guests have been returning again and again for over 30 years – especially in June and September.

If you'd like to sample the hospitality at the Gran Sol you can, of course, book it direct here at Spotlight with just a few mouse clicks.

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