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Photo Review: W.A.R. & Rinse FM ft Katy B, 24th August

Shots of the lovely Katy B last Friday.

The guys from Rinse FM back in the UK have put together a couple of lineups this season for the Ibiza Rocks 'We Are Rockstars' parties each Friday at the usual Ibiza Rocks Hotel. Friday gone proved to be a great night of music, all with an urban 'kids from the street' feel to it with the likes of Devlin and Ms Dynamite also performing on the night. Not one over inflated ego in sight, which was nice.

However, I was down to check out Katy B. A great female vocalist, and someone who I think has kept her feet firmly on the ground throughout her rise to success on the back of the 'On A Mission' album of 2011. Although disappointed to find out she was only playing for 20 minutes, it was enough time to satisfy my needs as all the big 'we've heard this one on the radio' tracks were played. This girl can do no wrong in my eyes. Enjoy the photos!

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