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Fabric 13th Birthday

Not long before the 30 hour marathon session begins.

This weekend Fabric turns 13, with a 30 or so hour session to celebrate with everyone. A typically diverse and well thought out lineup comes along with any Fabric party, but this one is special. See below for their full explanation. And remember kids, 13 is just a number, you should all still go. Nothing bad will happen.

"We realise we're in something of a minority in looking forward to our 13th anniversary but there's no real concrete proof where the superstition arose around 13's defamatory level of unexplained unluck. Most evidence points to the Bible and the prevalence of 13 people at the Last Supper, where Judas betrayed Jesus, but even before that, 13 had a deeply spiritual linking in some cultures considering that it was the number of months in the lunar cycle, a calendar that some religions still adhere to today. If you really try and read up further on it, you'll find that 13 is also the requisite number of witches required for a Sabbath (a witches' meeting); it's the exact number of letters needed to spell Jack The Ripper, Charles Manson or Saddam Hussein and on the 13th day of the month, a 13 year old boy at Lowestoft Seafront Air Festival in Suffolk was struck by lightning (though believing the reports that he was treated by paramedics at 13:13pm might be something of a stretch). It is also the calendar day that the fated Apollo 13 mission experienced an explosion in one of its oxygen tanks, but that did give us a film with starring turns from Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon and Gary Sinise." - Team Fabric

In an attempt to buck the trend, here are 13 reasons why their 13th year won't be plagued by such cautious superstition (touch wood):

1 - Their residents: Craig Richards & Terry Francis.
2 - The continual high performance of their exceptionally talented sound & light team.
3 - 10 years of Ricardo Villalobos playing at fabric this November.
4 - Their new record label.
5 - Andy C's 6 hour set followed by his label RAM's 20th Birthday.
6 - The return of Loco Dice (after 5 years away).
7 - Their (fully functioning) air conditioning system.
8 - The release of Daniel Avery's FABRICLIVE66 this November.
9 - 10 years of Get Physical in Room One on November 3rd.
10 - The array of fancy dress they've got coming for their birthday celebration.
11 - Zip's forthcoming fabric 67 CD.
12 - The ridiculously high standard of commitment from their staff members, old and new.
13 - The 32 hour non-stop party they're throwing to kick it all off.

Line Up:

- Craig Richards
- Terry Francis
- Ben UFO
- Bicep
- Cosmic Kids
- DJ Sneak
- DJ Steaw
- Fred P
- Joris Voorn
- Kim Ann Foxman
- Levon Vincent
- Marcellus Pittman
- Matt Tolfrey
- Omar S (LIVE)
- Ryan Crosson
- Ryan Elliott
- Sandwell District
-Seth Troxler
- Shaun Reeves
- Sigha
- Space Dimension Controller (LIVE)
- Tale Of Us
- Visionquest

Fabric is 13 Birthday Countdown: Ben UFO

Fabric is 13 Birthday Countdown: DJ Sneak

Fabric is 13 Birthday Countdown: Sandwell District

Fabric is 13 Birthday Countdown: Fred P

Fabric is 13 Birthday Countdown: Ryan Elliott

Matt Tolfrey Recorded Live In Room Two: Matt Tolfrey


Doors: Saturday 11pm – Monday 5am (for 30 hours non-stop rave)
£25 weekend tickets/£20 student & fabricfirst members (price includes wristband for re-entry)

£20 Sunday tickets (valid from Sun 10am)/£15 student & fabricfirst members

More info & tickets from

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