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Dub News May 2009 - What's on Where

Hello latelies and lentlemen, (that was one of my best mistakes in radio sonica two weeks ago...) i am writing to you very late this month as i thought i am caught by the swine flu but finally it was just a bad cold, anyway it got me trapped at home

i did not go out a lot (obviously) but i have my eyes and ears everywhere, so let's start with what was going on:

the most important openings were el ayoun, atzaro, blue marlin, bambuddha and delano, all five are places that represent a reference for quality diversion in ibiza.

Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin - Cala Jondal

referring to nightlife we could enjoy the inofficial (one of various :-)) opening of underground were everybody was found to give a brief review on this long and cold winter and to lift their drinks for a best possible summer-season, and - for sure - to daaance!

the night with marco carola in blu was killer, as was the first appearance of monza in blu to give a taste of what is there to come in privilege.

Audio Flysense in somni presented audiofly's anthony (right) next to gabi sacomani for hofer66's b-day, another great highlight end of april. eden in san an opened its doors already to the public, so now there is two big clubs open :-)

grial is working very well with nano vergel's wednesday and fridays with sophie's 'does ya mama know?' and izay is a place to visit fridays with twisted and thursdays with ronda, on the other days you can enjoy graham sahara on the decks.

pacha is still going strong with houseworld, in may and only in may the moved to wednesdays (it became a really popular day, no?),and from june on again fridays.

aura is opening on the 22nd and short records starts in aura on the 23rd. on the 20st you can enjoy m.a.n.d.y. in sense at somni and the day after monza appears again in blu with monoblock live, amongst others :-)

the official opening of the partyseason will be definitely the last weekend of may with the opening of privilege on the 30th and space on the 31st, and i heard as well that the zoo project in san antonio's old zoo in benimussa opens its doors on the 29th...

Zoo Flyer Opening

so you see, there is little time left that all the craze starts over again, hope you are prepared for another summer in fifth gear, using the fast lane. and let's not talk about crisis any more, it is up to each and every single one to improve, every crisis has its end and if you prepare yourself well you can be in the first line to start the race again.

all the best for this month, speak soon, andreas simon, editor dub magazine.