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Tiesto 2009 - Experience It!

After a 2008 debut season, that can only be described as a stunning success, Tiesto returns to Privilege every Monday in 2009 starting from 8th June.

Billed as ‘Tiesto in Concert’, Privilege has undergone a hefty sound and light renovation costing a cool 1 million euros in order to make the experience both unique and truly spectacular.

The sheer size of the Sant Rafel club affords it a blank canvas unlike any other club on the planet. In fact, it is not since the Manumission heyday of the late 90s that the full power of the club has been utilized in the way Tiesto has taken hold of it.

With a look forward to another imminent Tiesto artist album, the Dutch trance wizard will be showcasing new material and also playing extended sets; don’t be surprised if you see him playing from start to finish on some occasions. In the space of one season, the ex-Cream resident has already carved a niche for himself as one of the must-do parties of the Ibiza season.

And as ever, Spotlight provides you with the cheapest and easiest way of experiencing it all - tickets for Tiesto on sale here starting from 39 EUR.

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