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How did the Chemical Brothers fare on their return to Ibiza

All eyes were on the Chemical Brothers at the Space 19th Birthday party.

It was the day that Space celebrated their 19th Birthday party. It was also the day that the Chemical Brothers made a long-over due return to Ibiza.

Two great reasons to have made your way to Space last Sunday 10 August.

While much of the hype was naturally on the Chemicals Brothers, there were some other pretty decent dj´s also on the line-up ... including French duo Cassius, Jeff Mills plus DJ Mehdi and Busy P.

Cassius Live

For us, after spending a few hours at Bora Bora beforehand taking in the pre-party atmosphere, it was a day to arrive early and avoid the queues, so we headed there for around 7pm expecting some form of queue. However to our surprise, no masses of people waiting to get in ... I guess we were too keen (and too early) !

Still we made our way inside to a half empty inside terrace, however a quick trip to the sunset terrace and we suddenly felt the Space magic once more. With Jason Bye and Jonathan Ulysses both behind the decks tonight, the atmosphere here was terrific.

Sunset Terrace at Space

As big fans of Cassius, we were looking forward to their set at 11pm inside the new terrace, and not wanting to tire ourselves out too early, we headed over to The Salon for a chance to sit down and listen to Ibiza legend, Alfredo, play a delightful and very mixed set.

The Salon is almost hidden from the rest of the club, just the other side of the new terrace, but is definitely worth a visit with it´s laid back party vibe and eclectic music.

Cassius were brilliant tonight, playing a mixture of acid-house with a twist of tech and certainly getting the new terrace in the party mood.

Insdie the Space discoteca

But of course, tonight was all about the Chemical Brothers, who conveniently were scheduled to play as Cassius ended at 1am, but inside the Discoteca. Thinking ahead like the experienced clubbers we are, we made our way inside 10 mins early, knowing full well it was going to be busy.

Well, unfortunately either we´re not a smart as we thought, or everyone else was smarter, as the Discoteca was full to bursting already. Not for as long as we can remember has there been such anticipation for a dj set here at Space.

However, we perservered and (slowly) made our way to the front of the room, where we always seem to find less busier. Still very busy of course, but room to at least shuffle your feet and maybe throw an arm in the air.

The Chemical Brothers at Space

Once in a prime position to enjoy the first Chemical Brothers set in 14 years ... we did.

From the opening 15 minutes they had the main room in awe, with as many people dancing away as standing still just watching. The highlight of an amazing set had to be when they dropped a hot remix of Booka Shades ´Mandarin Girl´, which had everyone going crazy ... including us !

At €65 a ticket and a high level of expectation, this party certainly had a lot to live up to ... but we´d confidently say that thanks to Cassius and The Chemicals, it was a birthday party to remember.

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