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Sankeys launches UK campaign in fight for our dancefloors

#DoYouWannaSankeys will see the brand travel to multiple cities across the country.

Manchester nightclub, Sankeys, was hit hard earlier this month when it was forced to close, but the brand has vowed to fight for our dancefloors with its progressive #DoYouWannaSankeys campaign.

Working together with the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA), it asked clubbers in the UK where they want to see Sankeys open next, and in the first 24 hours over 10,000 of you got online and registered your vote. Initial feedback confirmed that Newcastle and Stoke are guaranteed their own club, and Middlesbrough and Peterbrough were quickly added to the campaign.

One week on from the launch date and momentum is building, with the Sankeys Ibiza event page showing more than 20 parties billed for 23 February. Aside from the cities already mentioned above, those in the running include Reading, Kent, Wigan, Bristol, Norwich, Belfast, Leeds, Glasgow, Nottingham, Sheffield, Exeter, Stoke, Edinburgh and Liverpool.

The campaign is all about demand, meaning that the more votes a city has, the more chance it has of having its own permanent club or regular event series as opposed to a one-off event. And there's no set number as it's stated that Sankeys will come where it's needed to begin the hunt for premises.

In just a decade, 50% of our clubs in the UK have closed down and Sankeys is on a mission to unite us all fight for our right to dance into the early hours. If you're passionate about clubbing, stand with the brand and spread the word among your fellow ravers, and register all votes here.

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