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Review: Float Your Boat Ibiza, 19 July 2016

All aboard the Carl Cox pre-party fun ship

I like to party out on the waves - with the wind in my hair and the sun on my face - and now I've found the perfect official pre-party at sea in the form of Float Your Boat, which is home to pre-club fun times before Carl Cox at Space on Tuesdays, Cream at Amnesia on Thursdays and Sundays at Space on you guessed it, Sundays. Three fun-filled boozy hours passed in the blink of an eye - proving there's no better way to prepare yourself for one of the best parties on the island than by getting all your mates involved in a bit of boat deck action.

Float Your Boat blew my other boat party experiences out of the water. The small intimate dance floor meant party-goers could get up close and personal with DJs, Andy Baxter and Yousef, whose housey vibes filled the boat and meant everyone was truly ready for some mayhem out at sea. The action was spread over two floors, so you could easily go to the bar, have a seat and look at the beautiful views of the island, or rave till you could rave no more on the top deck - thus boogying while catching a tan at the same time. Bonus.

I made my way to the Ibiza Rocks Bar meet up point at 5 PM, where all my fellow boatees shared a few bevvies and started to mingle before boarding. On the day, there were so many people keen to get involved that two boats were launched, and as we set sail I was glad I wasn't watching from the shore. As is customary on a boat party, it wasn't long before I made lifelong friends. I got chatting to two Australian ladies who'd travelled the whole way across the globe to witness Coxy at Space for one final time, and who'd decided to gear up for the night ahead with some sea-related carnage - and they weren't alone in their mission to see the big man. We spent our time basking in the early evening sunshine, dancing silhouetted against the darkening sky and downing sangria - and it was all soundtracked perfectly by underground house master, Yousef, who took us on a journey to the outer limits of musical pleasure and back again.

Float Your Boat pips the post for my best boat party to date. So pack your sunscreen, grab your sunnies, gather up all of your mates and climb aboard for what will undoubtedly be the highlight of your summer holiday.

WORDS | Caoimhe Harkin

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