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Review: Connect at Privilege Vista Club, 4th August

A sunrise to the beats of pure trance.

Connect is the party which puts the progressive tone to Ibiza Tuesday nights, hosted by (best-sunrises-of-my-life) Privilege's Vista Club. Last night the glazed venue celebrated another cult party where I danced, chanted and put my hands up to every genuine track they played. A trip to Ibiza's pure trance nights full of 90s sounds that cheered a crowd featuring some trance veterans who were ready to return to the time of authentic hippy-inspired community; a tidal wave of nostalgia by the hand of the trance spinning elite.

Connecting all trance and progressive fans was what they said and did. When I crossed the doors, the dancefloor was cosily packed and the crowd was already dancing and clapping. It didn't take me too much time to find a place just in front the improvised booth on the big wooden table (how elegant is it?) which by that time was hosting Solarstone and his pure trance concept. A friend of mine had told me that seeing Solarstone behind a pair of CDJS is something that I should witness at least once in my clubbing “career” and I was really happy to figure out that he was right. Richard, which is his real name, brought to the club loved melodies over 138 beats building energetically up and down throughout a variety of tracks like his own Once or Lovers, besides other gems like Extraction Point by Soundlift, Waisting My Young Years by London Grammar or Nubia by Aly & Fila.

Two ballerinas, dressed with those cool swimsuits with the Bulls basketball team's logo on it, cheered the attendees who definitely were having a great time on the dancefloor. Applause announced that it was Paul Oakenfold's time to take the lead. He surely proved that he is one of the most well-known DJs and a pioneer in the world of trance, providing a set full of rollercoaster moments and vocal samples, like the Michael Brun & Rune RK's gem See You Soon or Terra V's The Last Escape. With a music journey through the lines between trance, techno and tribal house, Oakenfold smiled to the past alongside his audience who didn't stop moving the whole time.

The headliners of the night handed over the closing to their fellows Bryan Kearny and Sied Van Riel, connecting all the trance wisdom in one night. The former kept the dancefloor warm as it was going for harder sounds and hypnotic rhythms, but keeping the sentimental feeling and the instrumental breakdowns between tracks. The Dublin DJ mixed and provided his own touch of progressive and psych trance. The latter, who was in charge of closing while the sun was appearing between the darkness of the night, put the soundtrack to the sunrise with tracks made for the dancefloor, combining trance beats with other genres such as house and techno during the first part of his set.

Privilege's Vista Club is not only offering a huge variety of electronic music genres every night but also supporting the elite masters of each of them, bringing to Ibiza the authentic sounds across the spectrum. Don't lose your chance to take a trip to check out the pure and original trance sounds every Tuesday in this beautiful venue.

WORDS | Natalia Gutiérrez PHOTOGRAPHY | Connect/Tillate

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