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tINI: Bridging the gap

She's bridging the gap between artist and fan and invites you to join the gang this summer. It could be worse...

It all began back in 2003 when supportive friends asked a young rookie DJ to play at the opening party of a club in Munich, where the special guest that night was none other than Loco Dice. Impressed by her set earlier in the night, the Desolat co-founder asked this young rookie DJ to go back-to-back with him after his set; the rest, as they say, is history.

In 2011, Loco Dice, Martin Buttrich and their label Desolat introduced their first lady to the world. tINI's debut album ‘Tessa', released in October, caught the imagination of many, including myself. On the 30th of October Desolat launched the album at London's 93 Feet East where tINI herself headlined an all-day Fuse Halloween party alongside close friend Guti and residents Enzo Siragusa, Rich NxT and Luke Miskelly.

Here in Ibiza tINI has been making her own waves, and after three years at the same venue, tINI and the Gang moves two hundred metres up Playa d'en Bossa beach to No Name, a small wooden shack that you could easily walk past without even knowing it was there. Despite the island's most expensive hotel being just a stone's throw away, No Name seems the perfect fit for tINI and her gang, who every Wednesday from June 24th will gather in their numbers and dance with the sand between their toes. With all these changes going on, this seemed like the perfect time to catch up with tINI to find out what Ibiza 2015 has in store for her and the gang…

I wanted to start by asking you about Coachella. Earning your craft as a DJ, did you ever think playing an event like this would be possible?

"Growing up I loved indie music and knew about Coachella before I was playing music as a DJ. Being part of such an important and universally recognised festival was a big thing for me. I never planned to have a career as a DJ, I just love playing my music; I wouldn't have thought doing what makes me most happy could bring me so far."

You've also toured South America again and I saw on your Facebook that when you returned from Asia, you returned as “a new tINI”. What were your experiences and how has the culture from these two different continents changed/influenced you?

"Each and every country inspires me when I stay there for a while and being able to meet people around the world and learn about different cultures is a real gift."

"It was my first time in Japan and I was blown away by the respect level and the welcoming way people treated me and each other without wanting any benefit. I had so many amazing deep conversations with people who shared the same ideas and love for the music. It's great to see how music connects people across the world."

Do you think the influences we mentioned earlier from Asia and South America will play a part in some of the new music you make?

"Hopefully yes, I met some really talented people on my travels that played some amazing music."

It's been a while since you've released any music. Is releasing new music this year (or early next) a big priority for you over the next few months?

"Making music should always be a priority but touring is important too. I planned to spend a long period of time in the studio at the end of February and early March but I found a new flat in Berlin and decided to move and build my own studio. I have invested in a lot of new hardware but it is already the end of May so I am hoping to get some work finished soon. I have a lot of unreleased tracks flying around on my computer but I am never satisfied and like to take my time with my music."

Moving onto Ibiza this summer, outside of the parties, what draws you to the island?

"There is nothing like the feeling of landing on the island after an exhausting weekend touring. There is no other place in the world that lets me recover so quickly and forget about all the stress that might be around me. I love to cruise across the island, eat gambas and discover new secret beaches where I can watch the sunset with friends."

"Ibiza has such a special vibe and there is so much more to do than just partying, last summer I even went to a horse farm in the mountains."


Will you be based here again for the summer while you continue touring or finding the balance between here and your studio in Berlin?

"I found a nice new summer home for this season in Ibiza that I will share with my closest friends. Even if I did not have a party on the island or play as much as I do, you would find me living in Ibiza. The sun gives me a lot of more energy that I need for my heavy summer schedule."

"I have learned from my previous mistakes and this summer I plan to take some weekends off where my little nieces will come and visit me. I plan to go home to Berlin for a few days in-between and do some work in the studio."

Does the travel lifestyle involved in a DJ career suit you? Do you see it as sustainable?

"I have always loved to travel. I am a very energetic and restless person and I love to discover new things and meet new inspiring people. For me it is not that crazy to be on tour for a few months and never stay in a place for more than three days."

"Being a DJ is definitely not a job that you can do 'til you're 100, but I still enjoy each and every trip. I adjust to new places very quickly and feel home in a hotel room, even if it's just for one night."

At the beginning of every tINI and the Gang event you are often seen mixing with friends, handing out stickers and being ‘part of the gang'. Is bridging the gap between artists and fan something that is really important to you?

“'Bridging the gap' describes it very well! I consider this party my baby. I put all my time, love and effort into this child and it's great to see it growing by the year. I come from the dance floor, so I know how great it is if you include the crowd and just create a certain vibe together, without secret VIP areas. When I host an event it is really important to me that everyone feels welcome and everyone really can become a 'PART OF THE GANG'."

Moving on to your tINI and the Gang plans. Unfortunately Sirocco / Sands is no more, how did you go about finding a new location and what stood out for you about No Name?

"After playing three seasons at Sirocco/Sands it was sad to lose this venue, which became a home for the gang during the summertime. With No Name and Juanjo (the previous owner of Sirocco) we found a new spot; back to the roots, no restaurant, no VIP, just good music good people and a lot of sand to dance on."

Were you keen to continue the party outdoors in the daytime? Last year there were some carry-ons at Underground, will they continue as well?

"As far as we planned it now, we will be back on Wednesdays in the daytime from 6pm till midnight and this year we will host a minimum of four carry-ons at Underground."

You're bookings for tINI and the Gang are often friends and not booked on hype or what's current. How do you go about picking and choosing your line ups? Especially when there is no profit to be made with a free party….

"I prefer to book people that I like and consider as friends or that share the same vibe or visions. Of course their music plays a big role for me as this beach party is very special musically with a concept standing out a bit from the others."

Finally, where else will we see you this summer? You're confirmed for Cocoon alongside Sven and you're often a regular at Fuse…..

"Besides my residency at the beach, I already played the opening party for FUSE at Space Ibiza (June 2nd), and will play Loco Dice's birthday for HYTE (August 12th), Cocoon with Sven Väth (July 27th), Music On with Marco Carola (July 17th), ENTER. with Richie Hawtin (Date TBA) and the closing of Carl Cox ‘Music Is Revolution' at Space Ibiza (September 22nd). As mentioned earlier, there will be at least four carry-ons at Underground after No Name and I'm sure I will play one or two after-parties over the summer…"

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WORDS | Andrew Leese

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