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Review: SuperMartXé & Privilege closing party, 2014

The world's biggest club pulls out all the stops to end the season.

The closing parties are some of our final memories of Ibiza as we reluctantly head home to normality, so it's no wonder that the island's super clubs pull out all the stops to ensure that theirs is bigger, better and more impressive than the next, and the one that everyone remembers. There are of course many contenders in the running, but one club that everywhere else is going to have a hard time competing with in the entertainment stakes is Privilege, who last night cranked up the sound system, shoe-horned their very finest dancers into some unthinkably tight costumes, and said to hell with the electricity bill, for the SupermartXé & Privilege Closing Party.

Heading into the main room, I quickly regressed from analytical journalist to a kid in a candy shop. The huge stage had been transformed into an x-rated fair ground, carousel and all, that was quite literally impossible to tear your eyes away from. Hundreds of coloured lights lit up the rather confused scene, where Mickey and Minnie rode past a huge LED 'cock' sign, and the painted awning above the ride showed poor old Pinocchio, Eeyore and Snow White looking down at the various half naked, ('mostly naked' would be more accurate), women parading the stage below.

The SuperMartXé DJs were on top form with a mix of EDM bangers and r'n'b classics, switching between Martin Garrix, Linkin Park and even some Jackson. The excitable crowd danced and raved as the bass was pushed to the max' with Matisse & Sadko's Sigure, before Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg switched the tempo with The Next Episode. Across the club, the international crowd were in high spirits, dancing and cheering as if every track that came booming through the speakers was their all time favourite song.

Out on the dance floor the hedonistic spectacles continued, as giant Martini glasses positioned around the room served as podiums for yet more infeasibly toned woman dressed in this season's best sequins. Unsurprisingly the dancers were drawing quite a crowd, but if naked ladies aren't your thing then worry not, because SupermartXé has something for everyone whichever which way you bat. Off the side of the main moom in the smaller vista club, it was a nipple tassel free zone, as here it's all about the (super)men. A gay man's paradise, a masked fellow in a butt-less leotard adorned the large sign above the door, while beefed up male dancers gyrated on stage in their very tiniest shorts and vests.

Here it was down to superstar DJ Guena LG to man the decks, a French remixing legend who's worked with the likes of Lady Gaga and The Black Eyed Peas. He kept to a similar vibe to the Main Room, with dance floor anthems like Jayforce's When I Was Seventeen (Jorge Montia & Jerome Robins Mix), and the Jerome Robins Edit of Gussy's Miss E keeping the hoards on their feet.

With the club finished for another year, this is certainly one closing no one is going to forget in a hurry, and a reminder that with SupermartXé, Privilege has no problem living up to the hype for people expecting big things from the biggest club in the world.

WORDS | Joanna Wright PHOTOGRAPHY | James Chapman

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