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Podcast: SPTL183: Dis&Dat

Rising stars, ones to watch, future heroes... whatever label you choose to use, these guys will be on your playlists a lot more in the coming years after a debut season on Ibiza which saw them support Audiofly at Flying Circus amongst others.

The Mix

Where and how was the mix recorded?

"It's actually a funny story. Usually all DJs record such mixes in a studio with time, professional equipment and a proper soundsystem, but we instead we did it in an Ibicencan way lets say... At our manager's place in Ibiza, in the living room!"

Talk us through the track selection of the mix.

"We really wanted to give this mix our personal note and demonstrate our own, very particular style, so we mostly played tracks with dark sounds, almost 'melancholic' but with big kicks and a strong bassline!"

What are the musical influences that have allowed you to arrive at this mix?

"Surely, we are especially influenced by the music of tINI, this passion for her is also the reason that led us to create this duo. We love the atmosphere she creates when she plays and the way in which she manages to move the dance floor. Other DJs that really inspire us are Livio & Roby for example, they are impressive! We heard them for the first time live in June at Sankeys Ibiza and we were really overwhelmed. Besides the quality, we always try to keep that little bit of Sven Väth in our sets, that means we always try to integrate melodies and special tracks or effects to make the sound special and with it the people smile."

In what setting is the mix best enjoyed?

"We think that the best setting for a podcast is always at home or in your car, because the best judge is the subconsciousness with time and in a quiet moment. When you catch yourself moving with the beat, it is because you really feel and like the music."

The Plug

So the 2014 season was your first visit to Ibiza, what did you think of it?

"It was incredible, we still cannot believe what we experienced in the short time we actually spent on the island. We love the atmosphere and the possibility to connect and converse with so many different artists. Its underground movement is so interesting too..."

Tell us about your first gigs here, how did they go, how did they come about?

"Our first gig in ibiza was at a small underground place called the Veto Social Club, in which we played with Chad Andrew and Sebastian Paiza. Besides the tension and nervousness it was a great evening, we did a 3 hour set (innovative thing for us) and got lots of great feedback on it. A night to remember!"

You have support from the Flying Circus crew, how has that helped you do you think?

"We are very happy to have the support from Audiofly and the Flying Circus Crew, they chose us to do the warm-up for them on a Friday Night at Sankeys Ibiza on the mainfloor. Its one of our most important moves in the past months. We so appreciated the possibility and did our best and got amazing feedback from Ant (Audiofly)."

What's the latest on your productions? Anything in the pipeline?

"The latest release was Dis&Dat, P.E.T - Monsoon (Original Mix) on Baile Musik (28.07.2014) and another remix for Nova Duet is coming out on Sound Revolution Records soon. There are quite a lot of labels we admire, but for now we want to focus on a Vinyl release."

Do you hope to come back to the island next season? Where could you see yourselves playing?

"Well actually we are planning to come back in 2015, we actually just hope to stay the whole season then (both laughing)! We would love to see ourselves playing for Flying Circus again, then of course FUSE, tINI&theGang, the Zoo Project and at club Underground of course."

Lastly, imagine you've got some well earned time off on Ibiza. What would you do? Who would you go with?

"Well we actually don´t need that well earned time off, we are really anxious about continuing to work so whatever we try and where ever we are going to, we always try to do our best! We actually just want to have our manager close so everything is sorted and we can cocentrate on work with dedication and passion!"


Dis&Dat aka Andrea D'Ambrosio and Gabriele Sardi started at the young age of 14 years to experimentate with Deep House and Dub/Techno sounds to really start producing tracks in 2008. With their first release in 2013 on Natural Beat Recordings they started to improve their technical skills and worked with labels as Zeitlos Music, Innocent Music, Kosmophono, Tip Tap Music, Coquette Records and Draft. Dis&Dat are known for their very special slow and elegant techno style.

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