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Los residentes | Jamie Love

Profiling an island personality.

Introducing to you another one of Ibiza's precious stones as part of our island-based DJ series, say hello to British DJ Jamie Love.

Emigrating full-time from London to Ibiza almost a decade ago, Jamie not only resides on the island, but is making quite the name for himself as a DJ.

Gaining a rep for his Disco-infused House sound, it's safe to say that he has big ambitions for a career on the up. A self-confessed Ibiza fanatic, he's witnessed how the island's changed over time.

As the budding youngster starts to ramp up his music production, we managed to pull him for a chat about what he's been up to and what to expect from him coming up.

Hi Jamie. How long have you lived on Ibiza?

"I have lived in Ibiza for more or less three years full-time. I left during the summer of 2020 to go back to London for the winter and work, as the island was hit very badly by the pandemic. This will be my eighth summer. My first season was 2015."

What made you move to the island in the first place?

"I fell in love with the island the first time I came here as a young adult. I just felt so free and at home. It took hold of me and captured my heart. I couldn't stop thinking about coming back before I had even left. I felt a sense of belonging here like I have never felt anywhere else before.

The energy of this place is unexplainable. You have to come here to understand and feel it.

A funny story - my mum brought me here when I was eight years old. It was the first place I'd ever travelled to by aeroplane and I still have the memories from that holiday in my mind. Now I live here, it's mind blowing."

What do you love most about the island?

"I love a lot about Ibiza: the weather, the nature, beaches on your doorstep and so much exploration you can do with walks and hiking in the winter when it's not too hot. I feel like I have grown up here and found myself as an artist and also as a person."


"I feel a deep connection with Ibiza as my spiritual home. Also, the nightlife and music is the best in the world, right?

From Monday to Sunday during the summer season, you can go out to the best clubs in the world and see the best DJs playing. I don't think there is anywhere else like this on the planet."

Did your DJ career start before you came to Ibiza?

"I've always loved music and been a part of the music scene from a young age. I've always collected records and have a vast music library. The first record I ever purchased was Gabriel by Roy Davis Jr featuring Peven Everett Gabriel. It's a modern day classic.

I am always looking for new fresh music to play out to people - as well as make my own."

"I started DJing in London, playing small parties that my friends were starting up around East London then I became a resident for a party called Connected.

I was there for three years as a warm-up DJ and learned my trade. That got me noticed to be booked for other venues across the city, including Egg London, fabriclondon and Ministry of Sound.

Music is my life. It's my full time career. I am currently making music too, so look out for some new releases from myself."

Who has been your favourite DJ you've seen play this year?

"That's a hard question to be honest. The music has been so good this summer, but if pressed I would say Damian Lazarus at Blue Marlin and Melon Bomb at Glitterbox in the Wild Corner."

What's been a highlight of your summer so far?

"I played the Wild Corner at Hï Ibiza, DJ Mag's Number One Club in the World, myself when I warmed up for Scott Gray. It was unreal to play there - a complete dream come true.

I also made my debut at Pikes for Melon Bomb, where I played for three hours in Pamelas. It was just incredible energy from start to finish."

How did playing at Pikes differ to the gigs you play for HotBed?

"They are both so different. Pikes is smaller, more intimate and darker, as it was at night. But O Beach is also an amazing place to play too. The energy in there is unreal. It's a daytime pool party where everyone is just up for a good time."

What's been your favourite track of the summer?

"Kryptogram's Woman Like You. For me, this has been the track I've played in every set this summer. It's got a great groove with a nice vocal added to it. This will remind me of Ibiza summer 2022 - the summer than Ibiza returned!"

"I am just so happy to see Ibiza back to how it should be, with our nightlife fully back. It's come from nothing to an amazing summer."

Have you got anything exciting coming up after the season finishes?

"Yes, I have a lot planned for winter. I have my event Project Love at La Farandula restaurant. It's a collaboration with Mindset Music. I'll host the club room with the DJs, while outside is Mindset where we have food with live musicians, singers, percussion and self-empowerment talks.

The next one is the 18 September. These will continue once a month through the winter."

From the Wild Corner and O Beach, to Pikes and Eden, it's safe to say that Jamie is a figure on the rise. Although he has already achieved many of his goals, his drive and determination isn't slowing down and you can expect to see him on more line-ups in the future.

He's still got a couple of dates left for HotBed this summer. You can find tickets to all remaining parties at the bottom of this page.

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