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5 ways to best maximise your IMS experience

How to get the most out of the conference and industry get-together.

Comprehensive three day conference, International Music Summit (IMS) is back after a forced two year hiatus, taking place Wednesday 27 April to Friday 29 April.

The annual get-together has become a beloved fixture in the clubbing calendar. Industry leaders, business experts and music professionals unite for a series of panels, keynote addresses, mingling and late night parties, with the goal to shape the future of electronic music.

2022's edition has been dubbed In Pursuit Of Purpose and will debut at Destino Pacha Resort.

For first-timers, IMS can be a rewarding, but daunting, experience. To make it easier, we've compiled this handy list to help maximise your time.

1. Join the conversation

Audience participation is encouraged. At its core, IMS is about uniting our community and striking connections. With guests and contributors taken from all walks of life, there's always a broad range of experiences and perspectives to be shared. So don't be afraid to raise your hand and air your views with the group. It's a forum for everyone's voice after all.

It's good to talk, but don't be surprised to have your outlook challenged. IMS isn't afraid to tackle uncomfortable topics head-on and bore down into the industry's nitty-gritty.

Big talking points include the Business Report, Big Data analysis and The Great Annual Ibiza Debate, as well as the continued exploration on the themes of wellness, inclusivity and sustainability.

Not going to IMS but still have something to say? Sign-up to our online forum and get talking!

2. Network

For such a tiny island, Ibiza has a dense concentration of professionals from the music industry living here. Well, we are the spiritual home of dance music. The number peaks even higher during IMS, when everybody from all corners of the business congregates together to discuss and evaluate the state of play.

Basically, it's an ideal time to put yourself in the shop window and get networking.

That label you really love and one day have aspirations to release on - go introduce yourself.
That party where you had a life-affirming epiphany on the dancefloor - go high-five the promoter.
The marketing agency that goes the extra mile for their clients - go say hello so they can put a face to a name.

Who knows where the conversation might take you? The simplest of transactions can open doors you've only previously dreamed of.

3. Refuel

All that discussion and chat from points 1) and 2), combined with three solid days inside a conference room and obscene screen time can take its toll. That's a lot of artificial light. Take it from us as IMS veterans, your energy wanes. Staying well hydrated and getting a decent meal is important to stay bright, fresh and alert.

On day three, schedule permitting, we like get away from the conference a little earlier and get a good meal. This is a great opportunity to soak up the atmosphere in Ibiza's old town, before hitting the IMS Grand Finale.

Outdoor dining Mediterranean style at vibrant La Plaza

Located on the square within the walls of Dalt Vila, La Plaza makes an ideal spot for such a meal. Oh, and it's plenty close enough to hear the music from the day's opening acts.

Make sure to download our Restaurants app to make booking your table quick and hassle-free.

Delegates staying at Destino Pacha Resort itself have the added bonus of deluxe onsite restaurant D-Lounge catering to their gastronomic desires. READ OUR 2021 FOOD REVIEW

4. A Finale and a half

Everything that's happened in the three days before all boils down to this. No matter how involved you've been up to this point, attendance at IMS Grand Finale is, basically, compulsory. We certainly could not imagine missing it - and why would we even entertain the idea?

Set on one of the bastions of medieval fortress Dalt Vila, the outdoor party has real festival vibes. Stands to reason, considering we all view it as the official curtain-raiser to the season. And let's be honest, you'd be hard pushed to find a more breathtaking location, overlooking the Mediterranean.

This year's line-up on Friday 29 April is mega, comprising of Jamie Jones b2b The Blessed Madonna, Joy Orbison b2b Overmono, Prospa b2b Jaguar, Patrick Topping, TSHA, LaLa and Artche. CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS AND INFO

After the last track has rung out and the dry-ice cleared, we all trudge down the hill and hit Paradise Lost for a nightcap. Mine's a Dark N Stormy! Ibiza 2022 will then be all systems go.

5. Hit up the satellite events

Parties and chat aside, there's a whole lot more than you can pack into IMS. Point Blank music production workshops, daily yoga sessions and the annual Legends Dinner, this year honouring Simon Dunmore, are just a handful of the bolt-ons.

Even before the main programme begins, a great way to get into the groove is attending the Art Of ARETÉ wellness retreat.

This is an ideal opportunity to decompress and share your experiences in a discreet forum, before the mayhem of IMS begins. Let's face it, despite the pros, working in dance music can be exhausting. Past attendees have expressed how rewarding, life-affirming and beneficial to their mental health ARETÉ has been.

You might need this timely breather, because by the end of IMS, Ibiza 2022 will be underway for real. That includes after parties and the first of many opening parties. The fun really starts!

New for 2022, IMS Dalt Vila exends to a second day with Defected Records taking over the Old Town on Saturday 30 April. Honey Dijon, Danny Tenaglia, Louie Vega and Simon Dunmore all onboard for the jaunt.

Conference images taken at IMS 2019 at Hard Rock Hotel

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