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Walking Ibiza take us Around the Island in 10 Walks part 2

Hidden Valleys & Abseiling Adventures

As part of their 10th Anniversary celebrations, Toby Clarke and his team of experienced guides at Walking Ibiza will lead us on foot around the entire coastline of Ibiza. Over 10 consecutive weekends, the team will take us to parts of the island we have never seen before and to enjoy views and experience moments that we will never forget.

Around the Island in 10 Walks' will build up into a complete reference series that we hope will inspire you to explore the island the next time you visit. And when you need expert guidance and local knowledge, you know who to call…

Stage 2: Cap d'es Falco to Es Cubells

The group set off from the finishing point of Stage 1 of the weekly walks that will add up to a giant 260km trek circumnavigating the entire island of Ibiza. Stage 2 kicks off on the pebbled shores of Cap d'es Falco and measures a challenging but manageable 22km, along the south coast, that will see us cross the finishing line in front of the picturesque church in Es Cubells.

Writer Olivia Ebeling takes up the story…

It's another beautiful October's day and we enjoy the warmth of the golden morning light as we walk through the marshlands of the iconic Salinas salt flats. The local flamingos haven't quite woken up yet, but we watch them from afar as we head towards the striking red coast of the Sa Caleta area.

Before we reach Sa Caleta, we come across a dark and – somewhat creepy – tunnel system that was built under General Franco's regime to protect the airport of Ibiza. Trying to find our way in the near-complete darkness is the first thrill of the day, but we emerge laughing. After a gentle stroll across the crumbling red cliff tops of Sa Caleta, past quaint fishing huts and through shady pine forests, it's time for our first climb: Cap Jondal.

It's not as tough as the infamous ‘5MFs' we crossed during Stage 1, but it still gets the heart pumping – not least because of the breathtaking views on the famous Cala Jondal beach far, far below. When we finally descend onto the iconic white pebbles and rocks, a stop at Yemanja restaurant is more than welcome. We enjoy a cold drink and soak up the sun.

Following along the coastline, Toby expertly guides us through one of Ibiza's most exclusive areas, Es Torrent, and the multi-million villas of Vista Alegre, before turning slightly inland for a bit of ‘campo' walking. It's a refreshing breather after the steep hills we have left behind us. It's also a great time to get to know my fellow walkers a little better,

We are fast approaching the spectacular – and only slightly nerve-wracking – finale of the day. Toby guides us into a secret gully that, quite frankly, none of us would have been able to find or gain access to without him. It has an otherworldly feel to it, and you'd be forgiven to think that you'd stumbled into Jurassic Park. At the end of the ravine awaits the rope descend some of us (read: I) have been slightly preoccupied with all day.

I have to admit my hands are getting a little bit sweaty as I lean over the rocky ledge and stare into the gully below. ‘Do you want to go next?' someone behind me asks, referring to the abseiling manoeuvre that every single one of us walkers has to complete to reach the finishing line of Stage 2 of the ‘Around the Island in 10 Walks' adventure.

Simon, one of the guides accompanying us on today's trek, kindly offers to relieve me of my backpack to make the descent easier. The meditative ‘word of the day' chosen by Walking Ibiza founder Toby for this route is ‘trust', and right now I have to put mine into the sturdy branch of a Sabina tree that provides the anchoring point for our rope. I wipe the sweat off my palms and grab onto the cord, putting my faith as much into the goodwill of the island as the directions from my fellow walkers, who have already navigated the slippery rock face and are guiding me from the safety of the ground below…

Despite our nerves, each and every one of us manages to climb down without losing too much composure. Our bravery is rewarded with access to a secret beach and many of the walkers can't resist a dip in the turquoise waters. It's one of those ‘pinch yourself' moments to be swimming in the sea in late October, and we tackle the final climb of the day with renewed energy. With the promise of a cold beer awaiting us in Es Cubells, we make our way up a fishermen's path towards the finishing line of Stage 2.

It's been another great day, and our little group feels bonded like we have known each other for much longer than the actual hours we have spent walking together. Before we head home for a well-deserved rest, we toast another successful island adventure and promise to see each other again on one or another of the next stages…

If you want to join in Stage 3 of our ‘Around the Island in 10 Walks' adventure, from Es Cubells to Cala Comte, you better hurry because spaces are going fast! Are you up to the challenge?

Words: Olivia Ebeling & Tim Dackombe

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