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Ibiza Spotlight Weekly News 2020 ep04

Ibiza’s north has a wild beauty just waiting to be discovered. This week, we rented Katie a jeep and sent her out to explore. Find out what she uncovered.

So we have just gone to pick up the car at Autos Marí and now we're on our way to meet Stivi who is going to explain where we're going. As you can tell I have absolutely no idea! We're going to Bar Anita to charge up our energy and then, later on, I‘ve got a jam-packed day today.

Hi everyone, I'm Katie Knight and welcome back to Ibiza Spotlight News. We are back on the road again and today we are with my good friend Stivi, who is going to take us on an adventure around the north of the island. So I'm so excited to discover new beaches and to see new places that I've never seen before.

We're charging our energy with some good coffee, some tostada, some tortilla, here at the famous Bar Anita, here in San Carlos. So, Stivi are we ready? Let's do it!

Our first port of call was at Es Figueral for a spot of kayaking with the lovely people at Kayak Ibiza. After a short lesson and safety briefing, we paddled off to explore the pristine waters of the Tagomago Island marine reserve.

After an hour on the water, we headed to our favourite chiringuito, Cima del Mar at Aguas Blancas for a refreshing shandy and then it was off to the popular family resort of Cala San Vicente.

We're at Es Café which is located between Cala San Vicente and San Juan. The food was incredible: we had a cod Thai curry, a crispy duck, some delicious spring rolls… It was all so good wasn't it? We're in the north of Ibiza but feeling like we're in the north of Thailand.

One of the big highlights of the day was arriving at one of the true gems of the north Ibizan coastline, the beautiful Port de Ses Caletes, for a swim in the crystal-clear waters.

Next stop, another picturesque cove, Cala D'en Serra with its famous abandoned hotel, which kind of seems out of place in these beautiful surroundings. So, we just went on a really, really long drive to get here to Cala D'en Serra and we were very excited about getting a nice cold beer but …. the chiringuito is closed! Sorry guys!

Cala Xarraca is another stunning, lesser-known beach in Ibiza's north. With a restaurant on the beach and protected waters, it's perfect for a family day excursion.

Our final destination was calling, as the sun lowered on the horizon, and we headed to the famous Cala Benirras. We rounded off the perfect day with a cup of hierbas, to accompany the rhythm of the drums. Cheers!

We hope you enjoyed this little trip around the northeast of Ibiza. Follow us on social media or hit subscribe to find out where we head to next week. See you then. Thanks for watching and have a good one. Bye!

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