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Pikes reopening 1 July 2020

Good times!

1 July is going to be a real red letter day in the calendar at Ibiza Spotlight. Pikes hotel, another of our favourite summer hang outs, has officially announced its reopening for 2020. We are very pleased to see the return of the Ibiza icon, where legends and memories are created.

Pikes promise us to expect the usual hedonistic fun in the countryside, but with a more laid-back, 2020 style. All of the usual ingredients will be there; a warm welcome, a great restaurant, impromptu parties, poolside cocktails with eclectic tunes and unforgettable conversations that you can't remember the next day.

Naturally, some changes will be imposed by the social distancing measures, so make sure you prebook in advance, if you would like to visit the hotel or restaurant. More details of this year's restaurant concept will emerge closer to the opening date, so keep an eye on Spotlight for the latest news.

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