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Kaos reigns at elrow's closing party

The crazy gang's final Amnesia party of the season.

Saturdays on Ibiza just got one hell of a lot quieter. Why? This past weekend saw the final edition of elrow's mammoth 19-week residency hit Amnesia. The crazy gang bid farewell to yet another season of epic proportions. Here's what went down.

Sporting a brand new theme - Kaos Garden - Amnesia was once again transformed into an alternate clubbing universe. One that housed all the mayhem of a usual elrow party and then some.

2019's finale saw distinctive artist Okuda San Migue on hand to ensure the closing party looked and felt more extravagant than ever before. Bringing colour and surrealism right to the San Rafael super-club, the venue was bursting across the electromagnetic spectrum.

Playing victim to the artist's surrealism, geometric structures and multicolored prints, the Amnesia terrace was almost unrecognisable. The legendary dance floor was transformed into an immersive haven of art, music and unity.

Eager to taste the crazy for ourselves, me and what seemed like the entire Ibiza population, piled in to witness all the madness elrow had to offer. To say it was busy is a huge understatement.

Those in the know were detectable by their choice of polychromatic attire. In contrast, first timers were easily identifiable by their looks of awe and amazement at the extravagance that lay before them.

As usual, characters and performers filled what little space of the club was left and entertained ravers from start to finish with playful games and visual performance.

Even the smoking area was a world of it's own, with multiple stalls, performers and interactive areas. An occasional welcome reprieve from the compact indoor spaces.

CamelPhat's Cola boomed its way through the outdoor space as ravers and elrow characters played a rather wobbly game of musical chairs. At the same time, the queue for the body paint stall grew larger - proving everyones involvement in the masterpiece we call elrow.

Musically, the party was faultless and to thank for this we have the night's headliners and party regulars: Paco Osuna, Eats Everything and Marc Maya.

I entered the club room at around 01:30 to hear Spanish DJ Maya warming-up nicely for Eats Everything. It was tech house tunes like Leftwing:Kody's Shadow Hills that characterised his set - making for an easy groove in the club's cave-like main room.

In elrow City, another Spanish talent, Toni Varga blew the roof off with some quality house and techno - perfect for the upbeat vibe. During his set we heard Everybody Supernova by Denite transition into La Fieve by Dan Corco making for a rowdy scenes amongst the packed dance floor.

In true elrow fashion, each build and drop was enhanced by props, party characters and showering inflatables. They each rained down in tandem, multiple times throughout the night.

By 04:00, Eats Everything was in control and made a thundering entrance with the track The Freaks Come Out (3-Man's Freak In Ya Face Mix) by Cevin Fisher.

Alongside headliner Paco Osuna, an array of costumed dancers and acrobats swarmed the stage and swung from the roof in a dazzling performance. This stunt matched the overwhelming soundtrack and livewire atmosphere.

Shame by Art Department was my favourite of his selections as it resulted in the whole crowd crouching down before leaping up when the confetti and smoke machines hit.

Admittedly, it might not have been my first choice of closing parties. However, having experienced it first-hand, I'd be lying if I said it did anything but go off. Hand-on-heart, a truly mega clubbing experience. Goodbye elrow, until next year!

If you missed the fiesta, don't dismay. Amnesia have their very own closing party lined-up for Saturday 5 October. To plan what closing parties to do next and to bag tickets, head to our party calander.

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