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Another chapter of Storytellers at Cova Santa

Mayan Warrior it was.

Having not yet experienced the beauty of Cova Santa by day, I jumped at the chance to witness the magic of Storytellers. The immersive party returned to the magical mountainside club for its second date. What better way to spend my Thursday?

On my arrival, I was greeted by a myriad of colours. The San José club was looking as divine as ever as the time approached the golden hour. Lit up with an ambient pre-sunset hue, the place looked stunning.

Everyone knew what they were getting themselves in for, dressed appropriately in their hippie-like attire. The night's theme was Mayan Warrior. There were tribal headpieces, crochet crop tops, floaty floor-length skirts and plenty of tribal face paint and glitter to go around.

As I made my way up to the slopey ascent to the Mayan Stage, I was distracted by the mass of activity. Every corner and crevice of Cova Santa was filled with something weird and wonderful.

Be it a jewellery stall, an immersive dance troupe or a live musician, it was a feast for the senses. And this was only the entrance.

If the smell of the delicious food on offer didn't tickle your appetite, the occasional waft of incense had the ability to transport you to your spiritual place.

tribal warriors

After satisfying my curiosity for a short while, I finally made it to the Mayan Stage where Dramain was setting the pace.

Wipe The Trance by Moo Moonster was an easy listen, its chimes and piano sounding ambient and soothing. It was a good start.


Whilst Dramain was doing his thing, behind me there was something else catching everyone's attention. As the people around me began to turn around, I looked and was taken aback by the tribe of gymnasts that were tumbling back and forth across an opposite stage.

Some were doing backflips and jumping through hoops; others were lifting each other up in the air on their hands. Their impressive display was just the beginning.

Hair-raising performances were aplenty from all angles. Everywhere I looked there was someone tempting fate with a spine-tingling presentation of acrobatics

At 21:00 it was time for the headliners. As a newbie to the Pachanga Boys, I found myself intrigued and eagerly awaiting their appearance. I had heard good things, and they did not disappoint.

The French duo played several tunes from their 2012 EP Girlcatcher, including Time...

... and Black Naga.

An immersive experience

As the Pachanga Boys continued, eccentric characters moved across a giant typewriter and through the crowd making the evening an immersive experience. Storytellers certainly puts you at the forefront of their story.

Out of context, it would have been a bizarre sight, to say the least. But at Storytellers, anything goes and rules are chucked out the window, just like people's shoes were, metaphorically, of course.

The specially laid grass floor throughout the venue meant the barefooted hedonists could dance as freely and comfortably as they pleased. Who needs shoes, anyway?

The guitar sounds on San Pedro's Rubini mimicked the live music performances that were happening elsewhere at the venue. It was a chilled acoustic sounding track, reminiscent of some of my favourite festivals.

As the Pachanga Boys got to work at the Mayan Stage, the party was ready to continue downstairs in the Warriors Club where Valentin Huedo kicked things off.

The underground room was decked out in all the same Amazonian vibes as the Mayan Stage, but this had a grungier ambience. Draped in netting, lanterns and leaves, the room emitted a darker mood.

The tunes from Valentin Huedo began just as intensely with the Audiofly's Kaikoura and this appropriately the tribal theme that dominated the party.

Later on, Janus Rasmussen switched up the tone with an almost disco-like note with the vocals on Free Love by Richard From Milwaukee.

Back outside, the Pachanga Boys' set was drawing to a close - but not before they took a more melodic turn with their selections finishing on an uplifting note.

After an eye-opening and mind-broadening visit, my Storytellers experience was drawing to a close, too, as the party continued until the early hours.

Storytellers was a pleasure. If it doesn't put a smile on your face and detach you from life's responsibilities for the evening, nothing else will.

There are two more dates on the calendar and luckily, we don't have to wait much longer for another episode of storytime. Coming up on Sunday 18 August, Storytellers will Dancing Into Dreamland once again.

To make Cova Santa part of your story, head down for more information and tickets.

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