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Uncovering the mystery of The Masquerade

Claptone takes on Pacha.

Inviting clubbers to immerse themselves in this grand carnival where all is not quite what it seems, international superstar Claptone kicked off his residency The Masquerade at Pacha this past Monday. We headed over to see what it was all about.

When a man of mystery drops onto Ibiza and brings all sorts of caper to the world-famous Pacha, you know that you're in for a dazzling show.

Golden mask, white gloves and top hat maybe seem an abnormal get-up for a DJ, but Claptone's signature look is a more than fitting costume. Hiding the identity of this musical entity, the mask has created much intrigue in the dance music world.

Behind the visual guise beats the heart of true entertainer - a globally renowned producer and DJ whose sounds and sets have solidified him as one of the most high-profile acts in dance music today. It was really only a matter of time before he got his own Ibiza residency.

The Masquerade promises magic and intrigue within a supercharged environment of wonder - an enticing clubbing opportunity if I ever heard one.

So I went to investigate and unveil the secrets of this brand new Monday night hedonistic haunt. here's what I found.

Musical Energy

One of the things about The Masquerade that really stood out is its unique blend of house music.

Claptone wins over his dance floor with a combination of popular anthems and heavier cuts, slipping the occasional signature remix for good measure.

This formula is a particularly important factor to the night's overall appeal. Whether you're a first-time clubber or a seasoned raver, a tune will always make you want to fist pump along with it.

One minute vocal-soaked tunes, the next bass filled riddims - there were enough sumptuous sounds to please any Pacha attendee. Here's one - You Little Beauty - by Fisher.

Claptone really nails the dance floor filling element, creating musical energy that's enjoyable universally.

The result is a party where you can have unadulterated fun dancing nonstop until early morning. Check out Soul Sacrifce by Dombresky.

When you look at the rest of the season's line-ups, you can clearly see that Claptone curates his residency on the same principles.

The season roster list contains underground names such as Kerri Chandler, Maya Jane Coles, Sidney Charles, Eli & Fur and others.

Add in chart stars the likes of Duke Dumont, MK, Route 94, Hannah Wants amongst others and every night is worth its weight in clubbing gold.

Check out all the tunes from The Masquerade in our Spotify playlist here

The masked man

In a recent interview, Claptone spoke on his party venture in the cherry-branded club; “Well, Pacha and I have a lot in common, a deep love for the mysterious and sensational, a natural fit for a man like me.” He certainly lives up to this statement in spades.

He presented himself as The Masquerade's host overseeing Ibiza style revelry with all sorts of fanciful things happening around him.

It's been said you should never trust a DJ who doesn't dance. Claptone doesn't have this problem, as his animated stage presence is just as entertaining as the tunes he drops.

Here's his own The Drums (Din Daa Daa).

Having enjoyed a meteoric rise in the dance music scene with both original releases and remixes, Claptone pours this success back into The Masquerade.

The event isn't simply another Ibiza residency; it is a reflection on him as an artist. Naturally enjoying playing in this legendary clubbing space, he brings an energy that adds to the electricity of the night.

Fans of the masked man - myself included - can delight seeing him at this point. Those who have never experienced Claptone before will be soon won over by his enigmatic charm.

Its all in the details

Music and performance aside, Claptone and The Masquerade team really have gone all out when it comes to the aesthetics of the evening, transforming Pacha into a renaissance style ball complete with hanging candelabra and weird but wonderful paintings of golden masked beings.

Above Claptone, a giant golden mask gleamed as a symbol of the party and its founder's brand, beams of light projecting through its eye holes to illuminate the audience.

As each tune reached its climax, C02 cannons fire and glittering confetti rained down on the guests.

Stilt-walking jesters moved around the crowd handing out masks to the clubbers, a cool memento for the night.

Dancers dressed in an assorted array of crazy costumes gyrated and posed on the podiums, looking like something straight out of a Venetian celebration.

Trapeze artists dazzled with acrobatic skills, a hint of danger as they twisted and turned on rings suspended high above the audience.

Add all of this to the pumping tunes soundtracking the madness on the dance floor and you have it: one beautifully bizarre clubland experience.

Final thoughts on the Masquerade. As new residencies on the White Isle this summer go - and in 2019 there are many - this one was one of the most promising I've seen so far.

This musically pleasurable night has a wild soul at its core and makes one thing perfectly clear: Claptone has made his home in Ibiza.

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