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Enter Afterlife's Realm Of Consciousness

Tale Of Us release latest label V/A on eve of the party’s return.

Back in 2016, Tale Of Us heralded their brand new label and party concept with Afterlife's debut release, Realm Of Consciousness. The ten-track compilation would precede the inaugural event during Barcelona's OFF week and the subsequent first campaign on Ibiza.

Many of the artists featured in that package have since gone on to establish themselves as regulars for both the label and events. Mind Against, Woo York, Recondite and Ryan James Ford were amongst the artists involved.

Ever since then, the Realm Of Consciousness series has dropped an annual edition as a timely precursor to the season ahead. After two more stand-out releases in 2017 and 2018, this year's extended package has dropped with no less than 20 contributions.

On the eve of Afterlife's return to Thursdays at Hï Ibiza, we put six entries under the microscope and hear from the producers themselves.

Ae:ther | Arteon (Dealing With God) | Track 07

Appearing 4 July

Ae:ther's music made quite the impression during last summer's residency, with his tracks Spectre and Stardancer both hitting the sweet spot. We're thrilled the Roman DJ is part of this year's Afterlife roster.

I tried to merge an emotional crescendo with a powerful 4 to the floor drop. I believe the result is a mysterious mixture of contemporary sounds. I tried to fuse elements from ambient and chill out with keys and strings, all permeated by an astral aura.”

ANNA | Spectral | Track 08

Appearing 22 August

After she was one of the surprise packages for Solomun +1 during its 2016 season, Barcelona-based ANNA has gone on to establish herself as hot property on the island. She released on Drumcode, Kompakt and now finally Afterlife too - as well as bagging a guest slot.

Spectral came after a relaxed studio session without any pressure, expectation or deadline. I was just playing around. When the track was almost finished, I ran it through some modules. The arpeggio melody came up and I thought it would fit with Afterlife.

A year after I finished the track, I almost released Spectral on another label. Somehow it ended up on Afterlife. It was meant to happen. I am a huge fan Tale Of Us and the whole Afterlife concept. The music, the visual identity - everything. I am super happy to be part of Afterlife.”

Innellea | Lost In Fades | Track 13

Appearing 19 September

Much the same as Ae:ther, Innellea made a devastating impact on the Afterlife soundtrack last summer. The Munich duo's neo-trance sound has found a perfectly suited home on the ethereal label. The pair deservedly got their call-up to perform later this season.

The song is something special for us because it is our first track containing vocals. We worked together with a friend (Ameli) who not only has a great voice but also is an incredible musician. We can't wait to debut at Afterlife and perform our live set there.”

Kevin De Vries | Phoenix | Track 15

Appearing 8 & 29 August

2019 has already seen Kevin De Vries at his very best. The Berliner took the plaudits at Hï's Odyssey opening party back in May, making his scheduled return appearances even more anticipated.

With Phoenix I released a more emotional side of myself. I'm very happy to be able to showcase my deeper side on Afterlife. I've always played it towards the end of my set and the feedback so far is really amazing. I can't wait to be back for two Afterlife shows in August.”

Vaal | Weakness Pays | Track 12

Appearing 27 June

Since she emerged on the label with Wander To Hell and Monument, Vaal has commandeered the sound of Afterlife into more experimental territory. The multi-disciplinarian has been away setting up her own imprint and releasing her debut artist album, but now she's back.

Named after a cheat code on gaming sensation Sim City, to me this track is nostalgic and to be played at early hours of dawn. I like making music that triggers a memory or a feeling that's neither negative nor positive.

It's not necessary a dance floor number, but more a soundtrack for a busy mind.”

Woo York | Discovery | Track 06

Appearing 29 August

The idea for Discovery was born while we were jamming during our live performances. It was just an arpeggio on the acid synthesizer, together with some pads on top. While touring, we noticed these passages worked very effectively, especially at the start and the end of our set."

"We decided to turn this musical idea into a complete track. We recorded the main structure and added this huge breakdown with LFO modulations. Afterlife is a family - a community of creative people that are passionate about what they do.

The whole team develops a musical journey for the listener and delivers the audience a unique experience. Lights, visuals, sound, architecture, installations, colours and even textures all come into play.”

Like what you hear? You can stream the full Realm Of Consciousness IV below:

Whilst you're there, you might like to check out our own dedicated Spotify channel and playlists.

Join Tale Of Us this week on Thursday 27 June, as they begin their season with the Afterlife opening party. Underground royalty Maceo Plex, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Stephan Bodzin and Mind Against will all be in attendance.

Open a gate to the unknown by purchasing tickets below.

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