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Music On at Pacha - the verdict

A new home for Marco Carola.

Since the unexpected announcement that Music On would find a new home after seven years, we devoted ravers could not wait to see how techno titan Marco Carola and his acclaimed creation would be at Pacha. Last night at the opening party we finally got to find out.

Without hesitation, the maverick and seemingly invincible Marco Carola ploughed ahead with what he described as his “new project" and “new experience.”

As I rapidly walked from the taxi to the venue, the ground pulsed beneath my feet, sending tiny techno charges through my body, a sweet taste of what the night ahead held.

As soon as I entered Marco Carola's new kingdom, I and a full Pacha were ready to succumb to the havoc that king Carola was about to unleash.

American DJ and Music On hotshot Stacey Pullen was first up, getting me and the crowd grooving.

Playing Follow Me (Mark Mendes Remix), Pullen brought the bass and breathed life into the crowd with this tech-house anthem.

This tune set the vibe for the rest of his spellbinding performance, but plenty of other boisterous stompers followed.

Blagoj Rambabov's Right To Be Wrong and Pibitos by Franco BA slew the crowd taking over the brand new dark wood dance floor. Quite the sight to behold, the excitement was off the charts.

Come 3:00, Marco Carola had taken to the decks and was in no way discreet doing so. To kickstart the milestone that was to be his first set in his new home, the prodigy Carola blasted Turn Me Up by fellow DJs Dakar and Sonny Fodera, a tune which kept the club bouncing in true Carola style.

Despite the slammed dance floor, the atmosphere never wavered. Carola, engulfed by his crusade of Music On disciples, once again united the crowd through his thundering choice of music.

As the night progressed, it only got better. Mat.Joe's So High seemed to conquer the crowd all the way, evident in the scrunched up bass-faces of friends sharing pleasure through the tech-house sounds.

Later on, Marco Carola threw various samples in and out of his sets, keeping the crowd on their toes and a sense of unpredictability in the air. After all, no matter where he is, Carola has a way with music.

After a fair share of anticipation, we can say that one of the island's most beloved techno parties, Music On fit right in at its new home. Perhaps this change - dare we say- keeps it fresh and new after seven years and counting.

If you missed it, rest assured. You have a whole season ahead of you with some of the most exciting names in techno music.

In the next month, Loco Dice, Hector Couto, The Martinez Brothers and Steve Lawler will all be dropping in plus Cassy taking over the Pachacha room for the rest of the summer. Yes, please.

Have a look at the calendar below to find your favourites.

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