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EDEN's thrilling opening party

The San An super-club is back.

Another Ibiza super-club opened its doors last night and it went off with a massive bang. Eden has officially kicked off its 2019 season. On the aural menu of its opening fiesta, without beating around the bush, was one of the best line-ups ever.

We were already intrigued when the top notch underground DJs - usually seen in other parts of the island - were announced. It's great to see that we can aspect fantastic bookings on this side as well. What it comes down to is that legendary player Eden is on the map. Big time.

A spectacular season last year, its solid programme this season and last night's opening fiesta have now firmly established Eden as a stronghold for excellent electronic music, attracting clubbers not only from the San An area but from all over the island.

With last night's opening, Eden showed what genuine party is all about: the music and the right crowd.

Without further ado, here is what made this party one of the best raves in town.


Eden remains an amazing club. For underground techno lovers, the place looks just right: dark and cool, with a mystical dome above the dance floor in front of the DJ booth.

A proper arena, it has minimal but beautiful lights that make the atmosphere both robotic and freakishly stylish. If you did not know you were in Ibiza, you could perfectly feel you were in some techno mecca around the globe.

The red and blue lights without many frills, just a few special effects et voilà - the party is served. The production was moderate but effective, fitting to our techno taste.


Let's move on to the real gem of this place: the uber astonishing sound system. Frankly speaking, I love having a proper wall of speakers in front of me. Pumping out tons of decibels on the dance floor, it reminds me of many orange dragons firing music around the club dome.

Make no mistake, though: the sound has no distortion. Even a metre away from the wall, you can still speak to your buddy at a reasonable level of voice. This means that the sound is crystal-clear, all the layers are distinguishable and the bass bounces perfectly in your chest and brain.

With the speakers distributed all around the venue, you can be anywhere and still enjoy the music no matter where you are. The sound system is simply superb.

Listen to this selection of banging tunes and try to imagine how they could have sounded on the massive VOID sound system.

THE PARTY itself

As said, the line-up was remarkably good, with big names from the tech house and techno realm of Ibiza and beyond.

We were there by 23:00 as the crowd was still building up. Silvie Loto was warming up the ambient with a solid tech house set. It served us well for what was yet to come.

Here's John's Jastszebski's Jet:

Midnight arrived but no Cinderellas: we were not going anywhere. It was time for Swiss DJ Gianni Callipari. Banging out a bouncy tech house set, he welcomed the club filling up, and the party was officially on.

Dropping bomb after bomb, he brought some connoisseur house music with tribal flavour Then, out of nowhere, this marvellous classic dropped, filling the club with more than dance music - simply great music. Viva le St Germaine!

It was then time Art Department. By this point, the party was full on with everyone on the dance floor. The positive energy withing crowd was infectious and the club almost completely full.

Catching the mood, the legendary DJ played an uplifting set with strong tribal house influences. It was quite some time since we had heard this kind of house and must say it was refreshingly eclectic.

Here is a fine selection of tunes to give you an idea.

This track by Lula is a mental voyage...

...while Oldschool Hero brought in many different sounds

Then the music direction changed again, trumpets through the air with VASSA's Avela.

For the grand finale, mega underground legends, Matthias Tanzmann and Davide Squillace were up for one of the most famous back-to-backs in Ibiza.

With the core of the real clubbers going strong, the duo had full control of the console. The energy increased even further, for an even greater level of frenzy. We had it all as the music we love pumped out the wall of speakers. The techno train was coming with yet another banger.

The outstanding finale was the perfect conclusion to a great party.

There you have it. The music was certainly there and the crowd also. Eden, once again, delivers. As one of the staples in the music history of the island, it is not only alive and well but at the top of its game, ready to welcome clubbers back for another wild season.

Whether you were there or not, you have plenty of other opportunities this season. The programme of this season is appealing to clubbers of all kinds, including those who love quality underground music.

One of the island's favourite parties Defected is back, Toolroom joins in, Orbital will host a residency at IDOL and more - all this on Eden's a state-of-the-art sound system. Need we say more? See you on that dance floor!

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