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Party on to celebrate ten years of the Ibiza Preservation Fund

Great food, drinks and dancing and top musical performances to highlight a decade of doing great conservation work. 

An evening of great food, drinks and dancing - Spanish style is on the cards for the tenth anniversary of the Ibiza Preservation Fund (IPF) on 22 August 2018 held at Finca Los Olivos in San Rafael.

Local music legend and creator of what has been called “Balearic flamenco” Paco Fernandez will be strumming his Spanish guitar plus see an exclusive performance by legendary DJs Blondi:sh.

The IPF celebration will feature paella and a barbecue all made with locally-sourced and fresh Ibiza produce plus a range of drinks made with some top premium alcohol brands.

Look out for an exclusive performance from DJs Blond:ish

Since the IPF began it has raised over €1m and financed 40 environmental projects to help preserve and protect Ibiza and the waters that surround it.

One of its most successful stories is the foundation of Alianza Mar Blava, an organisation formed to help stop oil and gas prospections off Ibiza's coast, a project that has seen huge public support from residents and tourists.

Money raised at the event will go to support future projects that the IPF has in its sights. “Our focus over the next few years will be on championing local produce, greater protection for posidonia, a sustainability study and leading a movement to make Ibiza and Formentera free of single-use plastics,” says Sandra Benbeniste, director of the IPF.

Celebrating ten years of protecting Ibiza's land and sea

The event will celebrate the many successes of the IPF, achieved together with its partners such as creating a whale and dolphin migration channel, replanting 800 almond trees and protecting important wetlands.

In addition, the IPF has created a conservation blueprint for islands that face similar eco-challenges from the impact of tourism, such as Mallorca, Menorca and the Caribbean Grenadines.

Tickets are limited and priced at €95 for non-residents and €50 for residents and can be purchased online from Bsplash.

To help preserve the paradise that is Ibiza, get your tickets for this very special of special events today and help the IPF continue to chart its course of Balearic sustainability.

PHOTOGRAPHY | Paco Fernandez, Valya Karchevskay and IPF

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