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Best tunes in Ibiza clubs | May/June

Treat yourself to some of the most notable bangers that got the island moving this past month.

The first month of the season is done and dusted and has set the tone superbly for another memorable Ibiza summer. Opening parties galore littered the isle's revellers with an abundance of dance floor bangers.

After attending multiple of these opening fiestas, we have marshalled together the top tracks that made the biggest impact on Ibiza dance floors. An arsenal of tunes between May and June emerged and is well on the way to create this summer's Ibiza soundtrack. Here goes.

Gregor Tresher | Substance | Cocoon

A personal favourite from revered producer Gregor Tresher, Substance stays in the forefront of your mind from the first time you hear it. This fully-fledged banger got the Cocoon Daytime - the first date of Destinomakers and the official opening of Destino - faithful full of ebullience. Eight beats of looping magic completely envelope all of your senses. Throw in an audacious rolling drop and we have ourselves the first banger of summer 2018.

Kinnerman | Purple Haze | Labyrinth

Another bonafide banger, Purple Haze comes from tech-house producer Kinnerman, sending sound waves through the music industry right now. This groovy, punchy bassline that hits you directly in the midriff was expertly dropped by Labyrinth's head honcho Hot Since 82. That was one explosive set that got the Pacha faithful moving. The night was jam-packed with bangers but this just pipped it to the highlight reel.

Green Velvet | La La Land | Circoloco

A regular fixture every year on Ibiza since its release, this iconic Green Velvet track La La Land looks like it is no different in 2018. It takes something special to stand the test of time here on Ibiza and this track is exactly that. With its distinctive over-the-top rap influenced riddles, you know exactly what's coming as soon as you hear those famous lyrics La La Land. The Circoloco opening party was the stage for La La Land's first play of the season, but keep your ears peeled; it's guaranteed not to be its last.

iO (Mulen) | Flute | Labyrinth

This minimal rolling beat groover got the crowd two-stepping those feet and twisting those hips. Flute by iO (Mulen) is the kind of track you could listen to on loop for an eternity. With its deep, distinctive bassline combined with a fruity melody, it is a truly great track. The Labyrinth opening party was treated to this truly perfectly put together tune. Turn up the speakers and get those beats rolling!

Energy 51 | Café Del Mar (Tale Of Us Renaissance Remix) | Ushuaïa opening

It doesn't get much more iconic on Ibiza than Café Del Mar. The original timeless trance classic has trance-fixed Ibizan dance floors since its release back in the 90s. The sheer temerity of the Italian duo to take on a track that has been acclaimed as one of Ibiza's best ever tracks has to be respected. They say fortune favours the brave, and in this instance, it has done just that.

The Afterlife chiefs have manufactured a brilliant rendition of the classic. Adam Beyer had the entirety of Ushuaïa for its opening party captivated from the second it was mixed in - a truly emblematic Ibiza moment. Subsequently, the remix has lauded the accolades and is surely going to be one of the biggest tracks of the 2018 season.

4th Measure Men | 4 You | Music On

Who remembers this all the way back from 1993? How was a then fresh-faced MK to know that his vinyl number will still be doing the rounds on the White Isle 25 years late? Marco Carola dug this historic banger out from the vault and closed his notorious Music On opening party down in fantastic fashion with this perennial feel-good track. Its distinctive eight-beat looping horns and simplistic light "for you" vocals combine supremely well with the melodic bassline. The track lives on.

Ariel Merisio | Soft Jam | Unusual Suspects

You know what you're getting at an Unusual Suspects party: deep rolling basslines, dark dingy warehouse vibes and a shedload of bangers. Soft Jam fit the bill impeccably personifying the US vibe. Blasting through Sankeys Pro Audio KW2 sound rig, it created the perfect infusion of track, setting and sound system. Balearic grooves at their finest with this Ariel Merisio masterpiece.

H2O feat Billie | Satisfied (Take Me Higher) | ANTS

The slickest three Frenchmen you are ever likely to meet really did take the ANTS crowd high up. In this instance, Apollonia utilised the gorgeous vocal and light summertime bassline of Satisfied in an exemplary manner. A relatively unknown track, this was one of many highlights stand of a superbly composed set.

Butch | Countach (Kölsch remix) | Cocoon

A little heavier production than is the norm for Butch, this Cocoon records track was the track of evening when we landed at Pacha for Sven Väth's all night long rendition. A cacophony of mystical, mind-altering noises catches your attention throughout this tune, perfect for any dark, techno set. Cocoon's vibe in a nutshell right here, any fans of Sven Väth will love this track.

Tomash Kofa | FZV | Solomun +1

Don Solomun is notorious for his impeccable track selection and was on top form for his 2018 Solomun +1 opening party. The big German once again meticulously composed his set with a melange selection of tunes with umpteen bangers to enjoy. This track personifies the quality of Solomun's set: a journey track with simmering sounds, euphoric overtones and pathologising noises that mesmerised they entire dancefloor. Combine this with a pumping, deep bassline and you have one beauty of a hands-in-the-air banger track.

DJ Koze | Pick Up | Pacha - The Heartbeat Of The Island

Last but by no means not least, the track that is on loop at every after-party on the Island at the minute is this catchy rhythmic anthem. Sure to be one of the most memorable and notable tracks of the summer Dj Koze's Pick Up followed on from his 2017 Ibiza banger Operator superbly. We first heard its distinctive "I'm guessing neither one of us wants to be the first to say goodbye" lyrics over at Pacha for The Heartbeat of the Island Part II. Andre Galluzi was the first we heard play it but it has since been everywhere.

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