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Smart Charter Ibiza's big day out

We set sail with Smart Charter Ibiza and its magnificent fleet that shouts elegance, comfort and style.

Smart Charter Ibiza leads by example with an emphasis on elegance, comfort and pristine style. With an invitation extended to the Ibiza Spotlight team for a trip on the waves, we went along excited to test out our sea legs and see what the feature-packed tours it does were all about.

We set sail on the high seas for a day of adventure and high-octane pursuits against the picturesque backdrop of Ibiza's coastline. Thrills, spills, laughs and turqouise blue waters awaited.

Though the sun was out in glorious force, strong winds prevented us from taking the usual route to the waters off Formentera.

Instead, we headed due north along the west coast. Leaving port, we were treated to unrivalled views of the stunning walled citadel of Dalt Vila as we sped away.

Shielded from the winds by the towering peak of Cap Des Llibrell, we dropped anchor in the crystal clear waters of Sol d'en Serra – around the corner from Cala Llonga.

We lounged on deck, lapping up the rays as the boat rocked soothingly on the ocean. It was the perfect opportunity to top up our tan.

Laying in the sun has a habit of taking the wind out of your sails. Fortunately, platters of gourmet canapes were soon handed around, accompanied by a selection of ice-cold drinks.

It wasn't long before our inhibitions loosened and got to know our fellow passengers, as well as the friendly crew.

Having travelled in convoy and now anchored side-by-side, we were able to explore each vessel of this magnificent fleet.

Although all modern and high-spec, each boat had its own unique character and charm.

Broadcasting live on Ibiza Global Radio, the beefy Void sound system from the lead boat emitted eclectic sounds of Ibiza.

Our host started with chill out and Balearic beat before later upping the tempo with party anthems and house classics.

One option was to glide across the waves like the silver surfer on the bladefish. Others strapped on a backpack and soared like rocketmen with the futuristic flyboard.

The best part is, that much like the food and drink, all activities are inclusive, meaning you can chase thrills at your heart's content without further damage to your wallet.

Well fed, watered and now very much in the party spirit, we were next invited to get hands on and participate in a range of high-octane water sports.

As the end of the day approached and we began to tire, there was still time for one last surprise in the locker, a saxophonist playing whilst in the air ona flyboard. This thrilling finale was the perfect end to our day - giving us goosebumps and providing a real Ibiza moment we'll never forget.

Where else can you eat, drink, dive, swim, dance, partake in water sports and enjoy the Belearics amazing natural features all in the same trip? Smart Charter Ibiza ticks every box at an affordable price. We'll raise a glass to our next trip.

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