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Capadi RebelsLand magical opening bonanza

On Tuesday we released our inner rebel at one of Ibiza’s most exciting parties.

Wild, wacky and wonderful – that's what sums up Capadi RebelsLand. Making the transformation from night to day, Capadi RebelsLand has now officially gone open-air. To celebrate, we danced like rebels into the sunset at the opening this past Tuesday.

For its first date at Benimussa Park, the theme was an abandoned amusement park with inspiration from Hollywood movies and scenic locations and parks across the world.

Immediately upon entering, a variety of quirky performers greeted us, adding to the festival-like vibe and eccentric wonders of RebelsLand.

You could get covered in paint, sprinkled in glitter, shimmy with the belly dancers to the sweet sounds of the island or get creative with spray paint and add your touch to the rebel's wall of wonders.

A ginormous chalkboard read, “Before I die I want to…” with space for rebels to participate and stimulate some thinking. One of my favourite quotes read, “Before I die... I want to live for the moment”.

The atmosphere was whimsical. With loads of crazy characters, the production offered endless opportunities to let loose and experience the rebellious bravado.

The point at RebelsLand is to unite people from all over the world, both to the music and to their inner selves, reminding us of what we all dream of in our lives.

The party gives you this opportunity, pouring a sweet cocktail of joy and mythical memories to connect clubbers with purely positive vibes, happy souls and great beats.

Huge techno names like Rich Nxt and East End Dubs took to the decks in the forests on the RebelsLand stage, providing us with endless funky tunes such Mihalis Safras's Nanana.

Meanwhile, ten-foot-tall kooky performers with puppets danced their way on stilts through the sea of bobbing heads. Party-goers boogied in outstanding outfits from leopard print flares and carnival themed feathered bralettes to hippy bandanas and every pattern of floral shirt you can imagine.

The party encourages you to smack on your craziest garments and bring even more colour to the vibrant shin-dig!

In all this, Joad Dafunk supplied the grooves in the Fortune Room, dropping De La Swing's Everyday.

As we explored the vast grounds of Benimussa Park, Keith Lemon look-a-likes were doing wheelies on bicycles. We were taken aback, as circus performers on rollerblades and mimes appeared out of nowhere granting increasingly goofy fun.

Deep in the forest at one of Ibiza's most beautiful open-air locations, Capadi RebelsLand also respects the beauty of the Island. Like the island itself, this party understands the energy and human connection that brings us all together.

Conscious of lessening its environmental impact, the party uses bio-degradable, reusable alternatives and drink stands offer a €1 refund when returned.

You could even hop on a bike and blend a choice of exotic fruits together yourself as you pedal and mix your very own smoothie. At RebelsLand, participating and appreciating the magical universe we love to party in is the main point.

The opening party drew in an impressive crowd. Judging from the opening, it's only going to get bigger, as one of the most talked about parties in Ibiza.

If you missed it, worry not, the party continues next week. Coming up next week, a Warriors show with award-winning house DJ Steve Lawler, ever-popular underground producer Detlef and FUSE London party-starter Enzo Siragusa. These and many more are some of the legendary names on the party's DJ roster throughout the season.

Live the moment and join the rebels every Tuesday until 4 September, but most of all never stop dreaming.

See below for further details and tickets.

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