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Acts for all at the 2018 Barruguet Family Theatre Festival

Santa Eulalia is your destination for seven days of theatre fun for everyone.

The Barruguet Family Theatre Festival is back with a seven-day event running from 21-27 May 2018 in Santa Eulalia, one of Ibiza's most popular hubs for families.

A total of 21 different shows put on by 17 different companies will be on offer with a mix of puppet shows, musical theatre, clown performances, dance displays and music.

Offering free street performances and paid-for shows at reasonable prices, live theatre really is accessible to all.

Tickets for the paid-for shows can can be purchased online via the festival website or in person from the ticket office at Santa Eulalia's Teatro España.

This year some of the shows will be accompanied by sign language for deaf people and for the first time an entire show, called 'Where the leaves blow', will be performed in English.

The aim of the festival is to get kids involved in the world of theatre, dance and circus performance and to enhance the availability of artistic events on Ibiza.

Two hours of free parking is available for visitors and a road train service will be put to transport spectators between the different stages.

Put on by Santa Eulalia town council and the Sa Xerxa youth theatre group, the event is also supported by the Spanish National Institute of Performing Arts and Music, so expect some fine quality shows.

For a great and inclusive set of shows sure to thrill everyone, head to the Barruguet Family Theatre Festival this May!

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