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Richy Ahmed guides all those Lost In Ibiza

Being lost in Ibiza isn't so bad when you have Richy Ahmed guiding the way.

Boat parties may be abundant here in Ibiza, but that does not mean that the experiences are all the same. Many of them have local resident DJs. Seldom will you across a boat party that regularly hosts recognizable names. This is where Lost In Ibiza separates itself from the boat party pack here on the White Isle.

Lost In Ibiza regularly holds some of the island's most prominent names like wAFF, Lauren Lo Sung and Solardo, just to name a few, on their cruising sunset parties. This week was no different as British house honcho Richy Ahmed took the decks to lead the fiesta on the Mediterranean waters.

As boarding for the double-decked catamaran began around 18:00, the hoard of party people gleefully made their way on deck, picking up their complimentary sangria on their way in.

The crew behind Lost In Ibiza made sure to let you know that the good times were officially underway. It was not long before we soon set sail, navigating our way out of the San Antonio harbour as the sun peaked out from behind the clouds.

Lost In Ibiza resident Kev Hawley was the match that ignited the party's flame as he warmed everyone up with track's like CamelPhat and Elderbrook's current hit Cola.

Time seemed to be moving quickly as before you knew it, Richy was already on the ones and twos, and we were already out on the open sea. As they say, though, time flies by when you are having fun.

The Brit, sporting a cast on his leg, wasted no time in bringing the energy and cut right to the chase as the ever so familiar lyrics “everybody dance now” of C+C Music Factory's Gonna Make You Sweat blared over the ship's Funktion 1 speakers. It needs to be noted that if a boat is boasting a better sound system than most clubs, you know you are going to be in for a ride.

At one point the catamaran made its way into one of the carved out caverns along the coastline. As Richy played Danny Tenaglia and Celeda's Music Is The Answer, the tune echoed throughout the natural acoustics of the cave.

To say that the ride was smooth sailing though would be an outright lie, as the waters were rather choppy. However, that made for a rockier, bouncier and rowdier boat. It almost seemed as though the sea and music were working together with the wavy waters wobbling the boat in synchronized fashion with System2's Movin' which was bumping on board.

Before we knew it, the sun was setting on the horizon and day slowly began to transition into night. With the silhouette of Es Vedrà in the distance, Richy began to properly wrap things up with some groove-til-you-can't-move-no-more house tracks like the Quadrant mix of Bizarre Inc's Playing With Knives.

The setting at this time was downright perfect: beautiful people dancing together as the giant fireball we call our sun slowly descended into the Mediterranean Sea. The whole scene seemed like the end of a movie, where we all sailed off into the sunset, literally though.

The experience was one that will be hard to forget and one that would definitely be repeated. However, with the end of the season in sight, there are only a few of these left so you best go on one soon before that window closes. With a combo ticket, the party continues at DC10 and Eden, too. Need we add more?

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