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Anja Schneider talks influences, labels and Ibiza

Techno maestro gives us the low-down on her most recent successes and playing RESISTANCE Ibiza.

As an influential part of the new-age techno paradigm, Anja Schneider has become an icon across the globe, not only for her sizzling productions but also for her work ethic and passionate visions for the future of electronic music.

Anja's achievements are admiring, beginning in Berlin with her own radio show, Dance Under The Blue Moon. Soon she became responsible for the city's longest run underground dance music radio show. Anja then began receiving a vast number of demos, so in 2005 she created a label in order to support aspiring artists. This is where Mobilee was formed.

A decade on, Anja has new ventures. She has now started a new label Sous and will have first album in nine years coming later this year. This summer she has been a regular at both Privilege and Pacha. We catch up with her to talk labels, influences and Ibiza tales.

As we are here on the island, how does it feel to be such a big part of the new party, RESISTANCE, alongside so many pioneering artists?

It's great, I feel very honoured to be a part of this amazing lineup. My first gig with them was mind blowing. I had the chance to play b2b with Francesca Lombardo and we had so much fun.

You appear to have a great bond with Francesca Lombardo when you play together, can you tell us about your relationship?

We are friends and also musically we have a great harmony. It was not necessary to discuss anything beforehand. Rather we just shared a great feeling and could respond to each other easily and naturally.

Are there any DJs you'd like to play alongside with on the island?

Oh many… I played with Cassy for a Boiler Room earlier this year, which was very good and intense and a really great vibe. I also played with Matthias Meyer at Café Mambo before we played Hot Since 82's Labyrinth party the other week and that was fun too. We play a little different – he's a bit deeper, but we met really well in the middle. It's all a matter of respect.

You've had some pretty big gigs this summer so far, both festivals and events, what has been the most memorable set so far?

Of course, a lot. Last week I played Street Parade in Zürich which was memorable because it's one of the last biggest ‘free' parties on the streets, which I know of. It's good to see so many peaceful people together having a great time.

Over the years do you think your musical style has swayed from tech house to more techno? If so, what has been the main influence?

I love techno very much and I still love a combination of the two. I'm also not afraid of melodies and grooves – you can feel this influence in every set that I do.

We know you have resigned from Mobilee. Can you tell us a bit more about your new label venture?

Yes, after a long time I left my baby because there was no way for me to grow. I need to develop myself and always need a challenge. I want to be completely free and independent and want to create an artist label and it's gonna start in November with the release of my second album after nine years. The label is called Sous Music, which is the name of my mothers family and also means ‘So Us' and includes everyone who loves this music. My album will be out before the end of the year.

Looking at your gigs to come, and BPM Portugal is on the bill. Do you think it will live up to the Mexican original?

I'm curious how this will go but I'm a big fan to play in Portugal. I love the crowd and energy there and I'm sure it will rock! Change is always good.

Can you recall your wildest Ibiza memory?

The good thing about the wildest memory is that you can't remember! That's the best thing and was probably the best party. The vibe of this will stay, but the details are not important.

Anja's next gig on Ibiza will be Tuesday 5 September at RESISTANCE when she goes b2b with Yousef. See below for full details.

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