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Ibiza Jazz Festival 2017

One of Ibiza's longest standing annual live music events events, The Ibiza Jazz Festival, returns for the 29th time in early September.

Free concert near the old market

It's been a groundbreaking event in many ways, bringing some of the biggest names of the Jazz world to the island and was the first to use the current venue – the Santa Lucia Bastion in Dalt Vila – as a stage for live music.

There is a thriving local Jazz scene in Ibiza with many musicians playing in different combos in bars and restaurants during the year who get together with young music students to form the Big Band Ciutat d'Eivissa to kick off the festival. It's a free concert starting at 21:00 on 6th September taking place in the little square on the junction of Calles Anibal and Comte de Rossello near the old market place.

The Big Band play their own arrangements of some classic 30's and 40's tunes plus a bit of down home Funk to gee us all up. They're followed by a completely different genre at 22:00 when Mariola Membrives brings her 'Omega 20.16' opus to the stage. A mix of tortured, guttural Flamenco voice and guitar with some free form staccato brass it's a reaction provoking end to the evening.

The main event at the Santa Lucia Bastion in Dalt Vila

The main part of the Festival moves up to the Santa Lucia Bastion in the old town, a venue perfect for concerts in the fresh September air, where the entry fee will be €12 with plenty of amenities and bars to enjoy a wine or two. Here's who you can hear;

The programme

7th Sept – 21:30, MAP, a Menorcan trio playing mellow Mediterranean rhythms through to hard driving Bebop, and at 22:30 Ximo Tebar's Flamenco Jazz project 'Soleo Band. The New Son Mediterráneo.'

8th Sept – 21:30, Kontxi Lorente Trio (piano, bass and drums) play the relaxing sounds of their new album 'About Me' and at 22:30 the Eivissa Jazz Experience , a group of musicians who have played some of Spain's major Jazz Festivals and who come together as a unit to play Ibiza.

9th Sept – 21:30, Malstrom, a German band who won the Getxo Jazz fest this year play modern, 'rocky' Jazz and at 22:30 the Polish Marcin Wasilewski Trío close the evening and the festival with some relaxing, melodic dinner Jazz.

It's not the only chance to hear some great Jazz in Ibiza, but if you're already on the island go and take a look – the venue, the music, the ambiance make it a unique opportunity for an unforgettable occasion on the island. Nice!

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