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A day in the life of an elrow performer

We take a look inside the minds of the nutters that entertain elrow.


Forgetting about the actual storms that have hit the land of Ibiza this season, elrow has been stampeding through the weeks with unforgettable themed nights at Amnesia. Bouncing through the crowd, you are bound to be entertained by Amy Winehouses, Barbie Dolls, Pablo Escobars and Rastafarians.

The elrow journey has been a colourful one. An impressive amount of varied DJs have provided the tunes, props have flown through the air and minds have been lost. Every experience is different when it comes to elrow. Now the time has come to look through the eyes of those who make it special for us all.

We went behind the scenes and saw how the magic happens. The carpark of elrow is buzzing with actors and actresses from around the globe, chanting and dancing until it's time to spill into the crowd. Here's what they have to say about their time with the Elrow family.

David, Slovenia.

"My favourite moment for me was the elrow opening. They dressed me as a pervert. You can imagine walking around Amnesia with a giant... you know... hanging out of my shorts. It was fun! People were going mental; everyone was loving it.

Nothing else has affected my life like elrow has. It has made me happier and crazier, in fact! It is the only job I will enjoy going to and be forever glad to do!"

Kate, UK.

"Undoubtedly for me, the best personal experience would be my first ever elrow, as Amy Winehouse. I received an unreal reaction from the audience, including my housemates who didn't recognize me at all! I was honoured and delighted and couldn't break character even on my breaks throughout the night.

elrow was the first audition ever for me on Ibiza. As a 20-year-old from the UK being offered such an amazing job has driven my goals and dreams sky-high. It may not occur to people that our job is highly demanding, tiring and sometimes stressful but more importantly it's highly rewarding, exciting and unifying in so many ways; elrow allows us to express our crazy side and show people that they can embrace and express theirs, which is the most fulfilling feeling and why elrow is so special to so many people... and it's my job so I couldn't be happier!"

Lynda, Texas.

"My favourite memory of elrow has to be the first time I ever went (2016, Singer Morning). I got there with a friend who was working as a dancer so I was by myself. I went to the rest of them that season and made it my goal to audition for elrow in 2017 to be part of the best party on earth! I also got to be Rowgelia, the elrow Chicken! It was definitely the pinnacle of my experience with elrow as a member of the Animation Family!

Elrow embodies what I think of when I want to go out. Amazing music, a great crowd, a focus on the clubber and FUN, FUN, FUN! The attention to detail and the amazing decor and rigging, along with the original themes, make it an unbelievable experience. They have crazy themes and focus on the audience members!

"Who wants to hire a 49 year old woman to jump around as a jukebox or a prostitute or a chicken? Elrow of course."

It has affected my life in a pretty significant way. When I went to the casting this year, I was staring 50 in the face. Who wants to hire a 49-year-old woman to jump around as a jukebox, a prostitute or a chicken? Elrow, of course. I love how they hire all types and ages and I was determined to be cast for the season. So much so that I went to the audition on both days - the first for the animation team and the second for dancers. I did the dancer audition wearing a squirrel mask and did an artistic interpretation of Flashdance What a Feeling whilst handing out beers and nuts to the judges!

Liberty, UK.

"Every week is unique because of the different themes. I love being given weird roles that really allow me to create a character and interact with the crowd. I've been everything from an old lady frying a penis on a BBQ to a rhythmic gymnast in Rowlympia. Being a puta in El Bronx was absolutely hilarious and I even made €4! Cruising around Amnesia on rollerskates was also a lot of fun.

I love what elrow stands for as a party. I'm not a fan of the VIP and poser culture that is growing within the music industry - elrow completely disregards that whole ethos. This party is about having fun, letting go and embracing the madness!

The animation team has built up of so many creative and crazy individuals from all over the world: stilt walkers, aerialists, dancers, actors, visual artists, DJs, musicians, body painters and jewellery makers make up just half of the talents you get floating around the animation tent. Every week I am inspired by my colleagues. We have so much fun both inside and outside of the club. elrow has taught me to not take life too seriously and no matter what, just keep travelling, laughing, smiling and dancing! I am more determined than ever to pursue my career in acting and performing."

PHOTOGRAPHY | Michael Tomlinson

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