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Nikki Beach's White Party brings on a circus fiesta

When circus meets luxury the result is the hottest white party on the island.


It was a particularly scenic drive to Nikki Beach Ibiza. Greens and reds merged together as we sank deeper into Santa Eulalia. We were curious about what our destination would reveal for the Circus Circus White Party. On paper, Nikki Beach is a luxurious beach hang-out fuelled by top entertainment, and it doesn't stop in Ibiza.

The venue can be found in places such as Miami, Marbella, Monaco and Mallorca. It was immediately clear when we arrived why Nikki Beach entrepreneur Jack Penrod chose the white sands of Ibiza to plant another beach house.

A white all-star circus

At the golden gates of Nikki Beach lay the gaping mouth of a clown. As we walked through we were greeted by circus girls coated in diamonds and tailed jackets. If you have not already guessed, the dress code was strictly white, as if the party could not have got any classier.

Like a circus for the royal family with an electronic twist, Nikki Beach regulars and newcomers mingled over champagne and feel good music. Both flowed throughout the day as the surprise entertainment had children skipping and tugging on parent's sleeves.

High wire trapeze tension

It was impossible to keep my eyes in one place and jaw off the floor. The cloud-like beds made no difference to the tension created by two trapeze artists teasingly bouncing on a bridge made of rope above our heads. Bicycles went from one end of the venue to the other, at least ten metres above ground.

If that were not enough, the dancefloor between two crystal clear pools had been taken over by a drum kit and saxophone players. The party was now in full swing. Jazzy renditions of trendy chart music played by a number of instruments generated one of the most contagious atmospheres yet.

By now we had had all of our needs met. Fresh sushi and Mexican specialities cured my hunger as the drinks continued to flow. Those taking full advantage of the teepees and swings had now joined the dancefloor to celebrate a birthday boy, who clearly was having a day to remember.

As the sun planted its rays into the ocean, an electric violin and guitar made an entrance, mustering up a euphoric ambience.

Whether you're hanging from the night before and crave relaxation or are a thrill seeker with a sweet tooth for entertainment, Nikki Beach Ibiza's parties and special events will do the trick and leave you amazed.

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