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Private after-party on a yacht with Boats Ibiza

Partying while cruising on a boat to Cala Conta, Es Vedrà and even Atlantis is only one reservation away.

Who says you need to be invited to an after-party to have a great one? What you can actually do is create your own whenever you fancy. That is just what happened to us with Boats Ibiza.

You can imagine the excitement in the Spotlight office when the entire clubbing team was invited to experience a day out on a motor yacht, courtesy of Boats Ibiza. As a great part of our work is done at night and most of our days are spent in the office writing, this gift from the heavens was doubly welcome. The day could not come soon enough.

We got to experience the Sunseeker Camargue (47ft) for 12 people. With two cabins, a bathroom, a sound system and an open bar, plus two spacious cushioned lounging areas to sunbathe and water toys, it could not get much better than that.

The day

Since every day of the week on Ibiza has several parties to choose from, many of us were sporting varying degrees of hangovers from the previous night. Fortunately for us, nothing soothes — if not downright heals — a hangover better than a day out at sea, perhaps even more so if it ends up turning into a proper after-party.

I cannot say for sure if it is the breeze flying through your hair, the sunshine sparkling on the sea all around, the mad tunes while a glass of Cava magically appears in your hand or a combination of all. What I can say for sure is that as we set off from San Antonio Bay, every single one of us was beaming ear to ear.

With this perma-grin, we sailed north to the Isla Ses Margalides rock in front of Las Puertas del Cielo, a charming spot. We then headed back south to the dazzling waters of Cala Conta.

One of the prettiest beaches on the island, Cala Conta is even more splendid from a boat. The colour of the water is truly unparalleled, a crystalline hue of sparkling aquamarine like no other. To be surrounded by it on your own little floating corner of paradise is, well, unbeatable.

After diving and jumping off the sides of the boat into what seemed an actually infinite pool, we played with the water toys such as the SUP board and the canoe, feeling nothing short of blessed.

We would have been disappointed to go had we not continued sailing down the west coast of Ibiza. With tunes and drinks galore, we took in the loveliest views of villas to die for, ex-rave caves and even Ibiza-henge. Es Vedrà, one of the island's most famed spots for magnetism, spirituality and natural beauty, kept coming closer into view.

As we sailed by the majestic rock island, we pulled into one of the most spectacular beaches on the island. Atlantis is a beach that you will not find even in the secret beaches guides. Reaching it on foot requires a steep trek down a mountain armed with everything you could possibly need as there are absolutely zero services there. Arriving by boat fully equipped brings it to a whole other level.

The colour of the water at Atlantis is a unique a combination of glittering turquoise and emerald. The gorgeous rock formations, besides being stunning to look at, also offer a great opportunity for cliff jumping. Not all of us were brave enough to do so — some jumped multiple times, others none — but it was thrilling even only to try.

When the last one of us was done attempting it, we moved on over to Cala d'Hort for lunch, and the crew pulled out trays of sushi. While the drinks kept flowing, a tender pulled up to our boat offering freshly made cocktails.

Feeling as pampered as can be, we played with the water toys some more despite a few jellyfish. After all this action, some of us even indulged in a sublime nap out on the cushioned decks, lulled by the gentle sway of the sea. Can it get much sweeter? I don't think so.

The team's favourite moments:

Aimee: To say we had plenty of thirst-quenching goods on the boat would be an understatement. A box full of supplies had us on the cava, beer, soft drinks and everyone's best friend in a bottle when scorched by the heat – cold water.

However, cocktails were what was missing, that is until a small motor boat rocked up when we were anchored in Cala d'Hort. Our cocktail mixer had mojitos on offer, with €20 getting you a large and €10 buying you a small, and she was very generous with the measures - happy days. After a good few hours spent clambering over Atlantis and spending at least an hour deliberating on a cliff jump, this was the remedy that was needed.

Georgia: My favourite part about the boat trip was stopping off in Cala Conta with the clear sea, jumping off and using the paddle board! Amazing.

Holly: My favourite part of the boat trip was having the chance to explore parts of the island that are much more difficult to reach via land. Getting to swim over to Atlantis after viewing Es Vedrà rock closer than I have ever done before was really special. The chance to view so much of the island in just a day is exactly what you need on a holiday.

Michael: I have two favourite moments on the boat, the first is when a lady in a dingy appeared and made a fresh glass of mojito for me, one litre for €20 (bargain!); even at sea, Ibiza can surprise you. Secondly, at the end of the day, I sat on the boat stern and watched Es Vedrà fade into the distance as we sped across the sea. It was one of those, wow I love how beautiful this place is kind of moments.

Peter: Admittedly a little hungover and exhausted from the night before, I cannot think of a better cure in Ibiza than a beautiful boat day, courtesy of Boats Ibiza. Treading through the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean, I was able to have views of the island that were exclusive to being out on the sea. With some beers and champagne in hand, it was one of those days where even if you were struggling from the night before, it was impossible not to have a jubilant time.

There's just something about being on a boat that makes you feel, well, alive. Maybe it is that salty air that blows against your face when motoring at high speeds, or perhaps it's that Ibiza sun that beats down on you and warms your soul - or was that the beer that did that? Regardless, spending time jumping off of cliffs at Atlantis or snorkelling by Cala Conta is sure to put a wide smile on anybody's face. If you're ever in Ibiza on holiday, setting aside one day for the seas can do no wrong.

Ruby: Learning how to paddle board amongst the jellyfish at Es Vedrà. Lapping up the sun's rays, I took a dip in the sea that was enough to send every bone in your body tingling. The icing on the cake? Resurfacing to find an array of sushi just waiting to be eaten. Heaven.

Stivi: My favourite part was the stop at Atlantis, including a lot of cliff diving. Such a fantastic spot!

Our time out on the boat could not have been any dreamier. We are not trying to rub it in, though. One of the best parts about the whole experience was discovering that it is well within the reach of any holiday maker.

For around the price of a naughty night out at a club, you and 11 other friends can enjoy the same 15-meter boat. Plenty of other options are also available to suit your taste and wallet. The point is that it is way more affordable than you would ever guess and the best way that I can think of to recover from or continue the party.

My favourite part was this: knowing that I can afford to have this experience anytime, perhaps next time even at sunset.

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