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The best way to experience David Guetta's F*** Me I'm Famous

If you're going to enjoy David Guetta's legendary party, you might as well do so in style.

Without a doubt, one of the biggest parties on the White Isle is the David Guetta's F*** Me I'm Famous extravaganza at Pacha Ibiza. The party consistently sells out weeks in advance during peak season, which is now clearly upon us, with a full dance floor and raging club.

However, being one of the more prominent parties on Ibiza comes with its caveats as well. The fundamental economics principle of supply and demand make tickets not exactly cheap, costing around €90 a head.

If you're a party of two that means shelling out €180 for entry, and you haven't even bought a single drink yet. An event with this level of popularity also means that the club will be jam-packed with people, not always the most comfortable, especially if you like your own space.

While this may seem a little off-putting, you can enjoy this night of epic proportions if you're willing to pay some extra dough. VIP isn't meant for everyone, but sometimes there are nights where you just don't want to feel like everyone. Sometimes there are nights where you want to splurge a bit, take in the view and say “F*** me, I'm feeling famous.”

Buying a table for two at Pacha for the Frenchman's beloved fiesta will run you around €550. Is that more expensive than just buying the tickets? Sure, but the VIP purchase includes entry, an area of personal space with some of the best views of the club and drinks equivalent to that of the table value.

If you haven't figured it out, €550 worth of drinks is more than enough juice to power you through the entire night.

So let us do the math. Without VIP, you start by paying for only the entrance fee. Then add in the costs of the drinks you're going to be purchasing anyway and factor in the time repeatedly spent waiting at the bar to purchase aforementioned drinks. On top of that, calculate the time spent finding a comfortable place to dance.

The end result will be a little less money spent for a less enjoyable time. From a value perspective, spending the extra money on your own personal table will amount to a blast of a night.

Some may say that the VIP experience doesn't belong in Ibiza, but if it were ever made for a party on the White Isle, it's the one where you'd get to feel and say “F*** ME, I'm Famous.”

Best purchase your tables soon, though. David Guetta is only here for the month of August and won't be playing again until the closing party in late September. Robin Schulz is set to take the reins for most of that month while the Parisian in gone. Take a look at the monthly line-ups below.

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