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Ibiza Spotlight sponsors sailing venture in San Antonio

Ibiza Spotlight support the local Optimist sailing team with sponsorship

At the opening of the new Area Esportiva in Club Es Nautic in San Antonio, Ibiza Spotlight was recently presented as the new sponsors of the local youth, Optimist sailing team.

In attendance were many important local figures including the Mayor of Ibiza, the Mayor of San Antonio and those who helped fund the Area Esportiva. Ibiza Spotlight was one of the key contributors to the club with our sponsorship of the Optimist sailing team, providing them with money to fund regattas and excursions away.

The Ibiza Spotlight logo can now be seen on the teams polo shirts and boats and on the services guide to San Antonio, which is given to everyone who arrives by boat into the port. It was a proud moment for the Ibiza Spotlight team to attend the opening.

Our director, James Ledden was presented with an accolade for the company's contribution to the centre. This sponsorship is a small part of how we are supporting our local community in Ibiza.

Photography | Peter Young

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