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Sailing the sunset sea with Pukka Up

Ibiza afternoons have never been more fun than with the Pukka Up boat crew.

With all the hot ibiza weather we've having recently, I thought it was high time this week to check out the original boat party on the island, Pukka Up.

I arrived at the harbour late Tuesday afternoon, fresh from the office ready for another afternoon on the sea. Locating the boat was pretty easy. I just had to look out for the massive pink Pukka Up signs. There I found an excitable crowd queuing up eagerly waiting to start the festivities.

I met the event manager, Zach, who introduced me to the rest of the team working on the boat that day. Honestly I've never met nicer and more welcoming people. The team's energy shows in the party itself as they were always smiling. Their passion for Pukka Up is clear, not just as company but as a lifestyle.

At 18.30 with a complimentary vodka orange in my hand, we set off from San Antonio and made our way out into the beautiful blue seas. At first I wasn't sure what to expect from the music selection. Zach had described it as uplifting house and hot remixes, something for everyone.

The DJ started out by hyping the crowd up on the mic, cutting in between bass house and pop vocals. One of my personal favourites from the start was a remix of a house classic, Deep Inside by Low Steppa. The crowd jumped and swayed to the beats and waves, everyone revelling in the sunny weather as drinks flowed. Lovely dancers then began their perfomance, waving signs with the bright pink logo of Pukka Up.

At this point, the DJ took out a CO2 gun. The crowd felt the cool blast of air as the DJ dropped in the next beat.

I was photographing from a ledge at this point over looking the crowd held their hands up as the DJ kept up the tempo. The music had now changed to more club-friendly house and electro with a lot of mash-ups that kept the crowd singing along.

As the sun started to come down, the final hour approached. The DJ slowed down the pace while the sunset began. Playing old school RnB tracks he also threw in some remixes to keep the boat pumping.

When the sun reached the horizon, one of the last tracks was one of the best. A club edit of Ride On Time by Garreth Maher worked a treat with the crowd. When the music was switched off, the crowd chanted one more tune repeatedly until the DJ played another five minutes of fun mashups.

The sun finally set and the guests relaxed in the afterglow as we sailed back to port. I took to have a final chat with the team and congratulate them for the brilliant afternoon. The guests were in good spirits for the night ahead as they left the boat. Pukka Up lives up its name as the inimitable sunset boat party.

Currently in their 15th year hosting parties on the White Isle, an impressive feat for any company, Pukka Up brings a colourful journey out from San Antonio. The boat party is filled with flirtatious fun for a three-hour party and some of the most entertaining music on the island. Far from your normal booze cruise, you can make the best ibiza memories on this sunset cruise.

And the fun does not have to end once you get back on land. Have a look below for combo ticket options and continue partying at Amnesia and Ocean Beach. On Saturday nights you could also check out their new venture, Tropical Wonderland at Eden with the same carefree atmosphere and cool music of their boat parties.

PHOTOGRAPHY | Michael Tomlinson & Pukka Up

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