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Cocktails and sunsets at Sol House Ibiza

A taste of the vibrant lifestyle hotel, and those inimitable rooftop sessions at Sol House Ibiza.

Having worked three consecutive summer seasons on Ibiza, it has been a while since I've had a sun-drenched summer holiday experience. Granted, that isn't exactly a point at which you'd feel any form of sympathy towards me – go on, play me a little pity tune on the world's smallest violin.

However, like anywhere, work is work here. And so, when the opportunity arises to stay at a lush 4-star hotel courtesy of Sol House Ibiza, it's a very easy decision.

The vibrant lifestyle hotel, which is part of Melià Hotels, one of the world's biggest luxury hoteliers made its debut in 2016. It positioned itself as a magnet for music heads looking for a laid back atmosphere, stylish modern design, sublime sunset views, and top-notch services and facilities.

With fellow Ibiza Spotlight clubbing writer Ruby Munslow, we headed over to San Antonio Bay to get a feel for why it smashed its debut year, and how this stands to be one of the most popular hotels on the island.

Going up: a heavenly experience at Sol House Ibiza

As soon as you're through the doors and in the lobby, you're smacked with just how stylishly polished and quirky this hotspot is. A giant white rhino welcomes you at reception, and as you venture in further, you'll find vibrant touches with green penguins, a Frida Kahlo wall piece, an assortment of brightly coloured cushions layering the indoor beds, and the thematically designed Canalla Mexican bar bursting with vibrancy.

To some, modern design can be give the impression of a showroom and a space that resists being lived in. But with the hotel's concept of ‘house' influencing everything from the decor touches, to the manner in which staff are encouraged to closely and personably interact with guests, there's a distinct sense of comfort found here. And with the words “GOOD TIMES START HERE” plastered around the building, you're inclined to throw yourselves in.

A balcony with a view - our discreet view onto San Antonio Bay

After laying down our overnight bags in the spacious XTRA House Junior Suite and popping open a bottle of cava – because you have to, don't you? – we made a beeline for Sol House's enviable sunset destination, Rooftop Nine. Located on the top floor and as it's right at the shoreline of Punta Pinet beach, this spot quickly earned itself a reputation as a prime spot to catch Ibiza's sunsets. Within seconds of being up there, you know that this reputation has been rightfully granted.


With a bar in the middle offering a thirst-quenching selection of spirits, beers and cocktails, the infinity pool, a resident DJ, and sun loungers, bean bags and beds available, this is a superb chill out spot. We, of course, did all of it and soundtracked the sunset with the complimentary “oooohs” and “ahhhhhs” while sipping on mojitos. One thing to note is that at Sol House you can check in with its in-house mixologists.

After watching the sunset leave its mark on the evening sky, we went to the Food Factory Buffet restaurant, which has a salad bar, pasta, fish, meat, vegetable side dishes and a host of other accompaniments. For dinner you can also get a taste of Mexico at the Canalla Bar which is open from 17:00 to 00:00. And, if you're having a rare quiet evening in, check out the newly opened Munchies mini-market, from which you can make a grab for snacks and fingers picks that have been sourced from different corners of the globe.

Up fresh and ready to get a solid sun session in at both the beachside pool and upstairs at Rooftop Nine, we dove downstairs to get breakfast in. When I saw the vast spread on offer at the Food Factory Buffet Restaurant, I quickly wished that I'd been on some mad 6am excursion and had worked up a ravenous appetite. You can go down the cooked route – with full English breakfast options available. Various breads are available to toast, and you also have continental options, fresh juices, teas, coffees and a superb selection of pastries that were worthy of filling your bags with.

Paradise far from postponed - the beachside pool

Ten years ago, I'd be knocking in seven-hour sunbathing sessions whenever possible. I've somewhat eased off on baking myself, but give me a sparkling pool with a sea view, and I'll dedicate a good few hours to that spot.

As well as sun loungers, you can also rent beds for the day. And if you're looking to take it into the water, they provide the novelty-designed inflatables, with flamingos, pineapples and pizza slices waiting for a pool raid.

Lunch time had sourcing our feed from the poolside restaurant, Play Bar - although you also have a snack menu upstairs at Rooftop Nine between 14:00 and 19:00. Play Bar is an enticing menu for meat-eaters, with a few vegetarian options also available – although the staff are happy to accommodate in tailoring some of the options.

With tunes coming in from Camilo Miranda – also a resident at Pikes Hotel – we shared nachos, and I opted for the bourbon chicken strips, while Ruby had the caesar salad. Other top picks include tender baby back ribs, loaded potato skins, cowboy triple meat burger, sizzling fajitas, and a salivating selection of indulgent desserts.

After some more time spent lounging after heading upstairs to the rooftop infinity pool, it was time for us to depart and head back for our home comforts in San Antonio.

You can have this hotel as a base before you take on Ibiza's parties: guests get exclusive entry deals to Ibiza Rocks on Thursdays and Sundays – or you can book yourselves in for a chilled getaway.

This hotel rocked our world, we are sure it will rock yours too!


PHOTOGRAPHY l Peter Young and Luke Dyson

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