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First flamenco festival lands in San Antonio

Ibiza embraces fine Andalusian musical art

When you think of flamenco, you may not automatically think of Ibiza. San Antonio wants to redress that with the first ever Portmany Flamenco Festival which launches this Monday 16 January 2017 at Cine Regio.

The event starts at 21.30 h and with a small €5 entrance fee, is a real bargain. To kick off the event, you will be treated to a talk by acknowledged flamenco history expert Antonio Manuel Rodríguez, who will covering the origins and the essence of this musical art.

The talk will be in Spanish and even if you don't speak the language, you should hold on for the two exciting concerts that follow it. The first one mixes flamenco with jazz and is being performed by amongst others, percussionist Pedro Brekon, violinist Ramses Puente and pianist Samuel Perez. They will be re-interpreting the flamenco greats like Camarón and Paco de Lucia as well as contemporary icon Estrella Morente, famous for the title song of the Almodóvar film Volver.

Samuel Perez, pianist

On the first concert, Samuel comments: “I like flamenco because when I start playing I don't know what's going to happen, which is lot like jazz in that regard. It's pure improvisation.”

The next concert is a show put on by a dancer of international renown, Alejandro Rodríguez as well as the great Spanish flamenco singer Rafael de Utrera. Expect audacious moves, great sounds and a show which will have you gripped to your seats.

A lot of San Antonio's residents hail from Andalusia, the spiritual home of flamenco making it popular there.

As dancer Alejandro notes: “The Portmany Flamenco Festival is very important as there are many fans of the art in the town. It could also be a great opportunity to attract winter tourism for those who love flamenco.”

Flamenco often combines singing, dancing and guitar playing into one whole and is the only folk music and dance to enjoy such worldwide popularity. It is believed to be a fusion of the musical traditions of the Arab, Jewish and persecuted Christian communities of Spain along with the gypsy travellers that came to Spain in the 15th Century.

We are sure Ibiza will do this extraordinary musical art justice. Now all that's missing is you...

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WORDS | Julian Heathcote

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