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Pacha hotels - the original icon of Ibiza glamour

For those who insist that their next visit to Ibiza will be very special. It's that simple. Here's why.

The Pacha brand is synonymous with luxury and that quintessential Ibiza glamour, solidly grounded in genuine Ibiza culture and style. The history, quality and sheer longevity of this genuine, Ibiza brand along with those classic Pacha cherries hint at a juiciness, a sweetness and of course, a tantalizing promise of seduction.

Pacha exudes that elusive Ibiza je ne sais quoi, somehow managing to suggest the authentic beauty and style of the island along with a delicious glimpse of that alluring exclusivity that we all, secretly (or not so secretly), would like a little bit more of in our lives.

And actually, why not, ladies and gents? This is our life! Short, precious, fleeting and bursting full of promise, we deserve to enjoy ourselves dear reader, do we not?!

So today, we bring you a little slice of Ibiza holiday heaven in the form of the El Hotel Pacha and its younger sister, Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort. Especially for those of you who are willing to splash out a little bit more on those extra special Ibiza experiences.

Pacha El Hotel

The original club branded hotel on the island, El Hotel Pacha's concept was innovative in many ways. Following in its footsteps and greatly expanding the Ibiza hotel clubbing concept have been the mighty Ushuaïa, Ibiza Rocks Hotel and Hard Rock Hotel to name but three powerful additions to the island's increasingly driven luxury hotel / clubbing scene.

El Hotel Pacha, the real daddy of them all and to this day, uniquely able to stay open all year round, is a wonderful, calm oasis. It's chic, modern and uber-stylish, gracefully embodying the Pacha philosophy and lifestyle with the coolest of Ibiza vibes.

Their junior suites, for up to x 3 guests are quite simply, gorgeous. Spacious, airy and beautifully decorated and furnished, all the usual mod-cons and technology are of course at your disposal. The pool is lush, the restaurant, sushi lounge and bar are as cool as can be and naturally, you'll enjoy free entrance at Pacha - right on your doorstep. And if you do end up breaking yourself a little by partying a bit too hard, then the wellness centre will fix you right back up again with a range of sinfully indulgent therapies and treatments. Mmm!

The hotel's location in Marina Botafoc is pretty unbeatable, home to a gorgeous array of restaurants, bars and nightlife and just a few minutes stroll away from the cosmopolitan centre of Ibiza Town. You really are in the heart of the action.

El Hotel Pacha is ideal for those looking for a lively but luxurious Ibiza holiday that combines some the best clubbing and DJs in the World with a privileged setting, a genuinely swanky pad and truly something to write home about!

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Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort

A relatively new arrival on the Ibiza hotel / clubbing scene is El Hotel's bigger, even more glamorous, custom-built sister - the magnificent Destino Pacha Ibiza resort.

Destino Pacha Ibiza resort is designed with every luxury and opportunity for pampering you could possibly imagine. It's slightly more chilled than El Hotel and boasts not only 160+ beautiful guest-rooms, but 4 private villas too, each with their own pool and kitchen, should you prefer your own private chef.

If you don't, then even better. You get to sample the gourmet cuisine of the their dedicated restaurant, which in and of itself, won a rave review from our reporter last year for both quality and opulence. There's a gorgeous wellness centre offering indulgence galore, a private members club for guests and of course all the modern technological facilities that you would expect from such a VIP luxury establishment.

Presiding over its Balearic cliff top in Talamanca with stunning views to the sea and the ancient walled towers of Dalt Vila, one gets a sense of absolute and utter bliss as you sip a cool drink by the immaculately stylish pool, smiling to yourself for having given yourself such a gift. The outdoor jacuzzi will ensure your complete relaxation and for romance, ladies and gents, Destino Pacha is unbeatable.

A 2 minute drive takes you to Talamanca beach and a 5 minute drive gets you to the centre of Ibiza Town, with its beautiful, historic centre, array of unique shops, lively international bars and rich choice of dining and nightlife options. Perfect for those who quite simply, enjoy the very best of everything.

For more info, photos or a quick online booking just click here.

WORDS | Jane Charilaou

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