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Midnight open-air cinema at Amante Beach Club

Ibiza Monday magic, pure and simple, coming next week

Next Monday, September 8th will be your final chance to catch the last of Amante Beach Club's celebrated open-air Midnight Movies on a giant screen. Whilst there are still two more open-air film dates after that (see below) they will take place earlier than usual, at 23.00 and 21.00 respectively.

With the imposing floodlit rocks as a backdrop, Amante without a doubt hosts one of the most atmospheric open-air cinemas in the World. Snuggle up on one of Amante's super comfortable, full-body bean-bags, cradling your favourite drink (or your favourite person!), relax and watch some great films beneath the stars. It's an unmissable opportunity to see some great films next to the silky moonlit Balearic Sea, cooled by the gentle evening breeze.

Monday's film, directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber and starring Jennifer Aniston, is a comedy about a ‘fake' family who conspire to smuggle a whole heap of marijuana into the US from Mexico. Friends fans may be interested to hear that everyone's favourite 1990´s girl-next-door, Jennifer Aniston plays a stripper. And yes boys, she does. Check out the trailer below:

If you can't make it this Monday, then the schedule for the final three open-air movies this 2014 season is as follows:

Monday 8 September - 00:00 - We Are The Millers

Monday 22 September - 23:00 - Now You See Me

Monday 6 October - 21:00 - Dallas Buyers Club

Situated on Sol den Serra beach, close to both Cala Llonga and Santa Eulalia, Amante is truly a magnificent location ladies and gents. We at Spotlight are impressed at the growing art and culture scene blossoming in Ibiza this year and congratulate Amante on this very cool addition to the island's cultural kudos.

Add the fact that Amante is a location possibly unparalleled for romance with the most exquisite restaurant (check out our review) and what are you waiting for? A more magical Ibiza evening is difficult to imagine.

All films in English with Spanish subtitles.

Amante Midnight Movies cost €22 per person. Please use the online booking system and go on, why not treat yourself and book a pre-movie dinner? Live the life, Ibiza lovers!

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