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Aboriginal art exhibition

Ancient stories, sacred Dreamtime art, 'Spiritway' paintings and stunning photography are all expected to feature at the Aboriginal art exhibition in Santa Gertrudis

Ibiza based photographer, Lucien Lecarme, is about to launch an extraordinary exhibition of Aboriginal Art which will open on 12th April at the Living Art Gallery in Santa Gertrudis.

Featuring the work of Australian Aboriginal artist, Jeremy Mudjai Devitt, the exhibition will also include work by women artists from the Australian central desert.

Jeremy Devitt refers to his particular unique style of mixing the traditional Aboriginal technique of Dot Painting with multi-layering as "Spiritway" painting. Through this, many of his paintings have a three-dimensional, sometimes even hallucinogenic effect. As well as being visually outstanding, his pieces are created for specific purposes; for instance, some are healing paintings, some are for balancing, others for empowering and some even for re-connecting with ancestor spirits.

After having organised several exhibitions and educational programs in Holland in the past, Lucien moved to Ibiza a couple of years ago, with the vision of introducing this dazzling and unparalleled art to the island. As well as telling ancient stories, as abstract representations of the sacred Dreamtime, Aboriginal art is also acknowledged as a modern art form…and the bright and vibrant colours of the Dot Paintings sit very well in Ibiza's traditional white houses.

During his travels through Aboriginal Australia, Lucien took photographs of the people he met whilst living for several months in an Aboriginal community. These portraits will accompany the paintings in the exhibition, and as well as showing the source of the artwork, will also give visitors a glimpse into the lives of the tribe.

This fascinating and powerful visual story will open at 17.00 hrs on Saturday 12th April, and will run for three months.

If you are in Ibiza before July, it promises to be well worth a visit.

Details: to discover more, please see the Facebook event page – Aboriginal Art Exhibition

Photo Credit: Lucien Lecarme

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