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Ibiza Winter Days Out - Teatro Espana, Santa Eulalia

Teatro Espana, Santa Eulalia is the answer to "Where to go when you're dying to see the latest movie - in English?"

I hadn't been to the cinema for years, so the prospect of an Ibiza winter night at the movies was something I found myself looking forward to immensely…and Teatro Espana in Santa Eulalia was certainly no disappointment.

Located on Santa Eulalia's main street, Teatro Espana is easily found and parking is not a problem either here on Carrer Sant Jaume, or many of the nearby side streets. Do bear in mind that this is a "blue zone" so depending on how early you arrive, you would be well advised to check whether you need to feed some coins into the parking metre.

Teatro Espana dates all the way back to 1929, when three neighbours from Santa Eulalia opened a centre that, for fifty years, would be the only theatre in town. Back then, it was known as Can Gorg, and in the early thirties, its horse-shoe shaped auditorium was host to many dances when families, all dressed in their best attire, would come to listen to the orchestra…members of which were often their neighbours.

Over time, the theatre became the social, cultural and leisure centre of Santa Eulalia, its walls having witnessed music concerts, talks, circus performances, boxing and even wedding receptions.

Eventually, due to a gradual decline in popularity, the theatre ended up closing down in the early nineties until 2007 when the City of Santa Eulalia acquired the building and undertook a re-modelling project to restore the old cinema.

These days the building retains its original structure, but incorporates all the latest technology in digital cinema, including 3D. It feels quite small, but when you take into account all the seats in the balcony as well as the "stalls" then there is probably a capacity here of up to three hundred people. It somehow manages to be modern yet quaint at the same time. We loved it!

We were greeted warmly by manager, Juan Adria in the bright and cheerful lobby, complete with a small shop selling the obligatory popcorn, sweets and soft drinks. He explained to us that tonight, like every Wednesday, is English movie night (with Spanish subtitles), and we were lucky enough to have chosen the screening of Rush - the Ron Howard movie about Formula One racing drivers, Niki Lauda and James Hunt - not only an excellent film, but also quite apt, we felt, due to Niki Lauda's connection with Ibiza, having only just recently sold his property here.

For an entertaining winter's evening on Ibiza, Teatro Espana is certainly well worth a visit. And with the added advantage of being right in the centre of Santa Eulalia, indeed backing onto Restaurant Street, a good meal with friends followed by a movie is something your Ibiza Spotlight reviewers can happily recommend.

Quick Facts

What Teatro Espana

Where Santa Eulalia

Why There's nothing quite like a night at the flicks.

Closed Mondays and Tuesdays.
Movie times vary, so best to check opening hours beforehand - Tel: 971 33 25 19.
Closed during the month of August.

Average spend per head € 4.00 - € 8.00

Disabled Access Yes

Top Tip Best to sit on one of the back rows….no, you cheeky lot…not for smooching, but to avoid the crick in the neck we all experienced having chosen to sit at the front.

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