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Ibiza Winter Days Out - Portinatx Lighthouse

Free, beautiful, invigorating and relaxing - perfectly summing up our walk to Portinatx Lighthouse and exploring north Ibiza

For an invigorating and extremely picturesque winter day out, we can heartily recommend driving right to the north of Ibiza, to Portinatx, and then walking along the cliffs to the black and white spiral-striped lighthouse.

Portinatx is very well signposted, and the drive along the twisting mountain road is arguably one of the most stunningly pretty routes on the island. The spectacular views of pine forests, the deep turquoise sparkling sea, golden sand and rugged cliffs make it easy to understand why Portinatx was chosen to represent paradise in the film South Pacific.

This was my first visit to the famed Portinatx lighthouse, and understanding that it would involve quite a walk, I was glad that on this, admittedly sunny, Ibiza winter day, I had opted for trainers rather than flip-flops or sandals. The path is quite rocky in places and whilst you do not have to be super-fit to do this walk, it is certainly unsuitable for the disabled or for anyone who would struggle with rough ground underfoot and moderately steep climbs in places.

My two companions and I took the walk at a leisurely pace, and with plenty of photo breaks...which, believe me, you will definitely be wanting to make. From the cliff edge, and especially on such a clear day, we could see the lighthouse in front of us and another of Portinatx's famous landmarks, a pirate tower, behind us. The sea, clear and twinkling beneath us and the dramatic, craggy landscape surrounding us, I didn't think I had ever seen Ibiza look quite so beautiful. We could even see Mallorca, at 72 kilometres away, quite easily visible in the distance.

With dragonflies, butterflies and birds keeping us company, we followed the arrows painted on some of the rocks on the ground, weaving our way through pine trees, then back out onto the cliff edge again, and about forty minutes after setting off, we reached the lighthouse.

At forty-five metres above sea-level, and standing at twenty-four metres tall, "Far del Moscarter" is the tallest lighthouse in the Balearics...indeed standing underneath and gazing up at it is quite something! Work started in 1975 and whilst it is a typical 1970s style lighthouse with concrete tower, it was built without living quarters as it has always been fully automated.

We saw a few people on our way to and from the lighthouse - some on their own, some families, and a big group of people of varying ages - which goes to show that this is an activity that can be enjoyed solo, or with friends.

Relaxing with a well-deserved cold drink in the charming little beach bar upon reaching the bottom again, watching a group of divers just arrive back on their boat, and even seeing people still sunbathing in early November, we all felt re-charged, refreshed, happy after a great afternoon out, and in awe, once again, at Ibiza's immense beauty.

Quick Facts

What The tallest lighthouse in the Balearics.

Where Portinatx.

When Any time.

Why Gentle exercise and spectacular views.

Disabled Access No.

Average Spend Free of charge.

Room for Improvement Not really.

Top Tips Ask your hotel or one of the local supermarkets to make you up a "bocadillo" (a baguette sandwich) and enjoy a picnic at the lighthouse!

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