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SushiBoy Mobile Sushi Lessons

Sushiboy Ibiza is a new concept on the island and we are delighted to recommend it.

Sushiboy is a brand new concept here in Ibiza. The brainchild of two bright, young entrepreneurs, Anne-Marie and Kit, they bring private, professional sushi lessons to your Ibiza home, villa, yacht or event. How novel!

Ibiza Spotlight Crew

It´s high season and traditionally the time where all the Ibiza Spotlight crew are dashing around hither and thither, in all four corners of the island in their quest to bring you, dear readers, the very best of Ibiza.

So when Sushiboy offered to come and show us what they do, it was a rare opportunity for some of the staff to get together for some deliciously educational fun!

Anne-Marie and Kit arrived early, bringing everything needed for the two hour lesson, including all ingredients, table-settings and equipment. We at Ibiza Spotlight can be quite a rowdy rabble when we get together, so the first thing that impressed me was the Sushiboy team´s ability to skilfully manage the group.


Bang on time, we were all sat attentively, in our brightly coloured, spotlessly clean aprons, listening to Anne-Marie explain a little background knowledge about sushi. This included how to make perfect sushi rice (it took them years to get it just right, you learn in minutes) and some tips on perfect seasoning.


After this short introduction, we dived straight into the practical business of making sushi, all of us I might add, for the very first time. We were, we were assured, about to break our sushi virginity.

“I bet that´s the first time for ages anyone around this table´s been called a virgin,” quipped my esteemed colleague, who shall remain nameless, Sarah! Ahem.

4 kinds of Sushi

When the general guffawing had subsided, Anne-Marie and Kip explained that we would be making 4 distinct kinds of sushi. We began with ‘Inari.' All the ingredients were placed in the middle of the table and we were each given little pockets of tofu and soya. These pockets were stuffed with a mixture of sticky, seasoned rice and crab mayonnaise, then folded over and tied with a fresh chive. Easy!

Nagiri Art

Feeling confident after this initial success, The Ibiza Spotlight team proceeded onto the next type: ‘Nigiri'. This involved rolling little rice sausages, then draping them with either boquerones or slices of salmon, decorating them afterwards with wasabi or lemon mayonnaise and sesame seeds. It felt almost like art, choosing different blends of colours and ingredients to produce distinct looking pieces.

“It´s funny to see people´s personalities reflected in how they choose to decorate their sushi,” laughed Anne-Marie. I looked around at the concentrated faces around me and the different versions everyone had produced, using basically the same ingredients. It was true! Some were intricate and precise. Others a little more punky (mine)! All were delicious!


We invited our director, James to come and have a sample and to take one to our resident technical genius, Pete. “Let us know if Pete likes it!” we demanded excitedly. He returned about 5 seconds later accompanied by the distant sound of chomping and smacking of lips. “He savoured it” grinned James.

Maki and Uramaki

Encouraged even further by this good review(!) we proceeded to make both ‘Maki' and ‘Uramaki'. They are both made with sheets of seaweed and whilst the Maki has the seaweed on the outside, Uramaki has the rice on the outside. We were taught how to use the traditional mats and happily rolled, decorated and chatted. Our Editor-in-Chief and photographer extraordinaire Cat, hovered around the table, snapping our earnest attempts and helpfully offering to assist with the eating of the pretty little morsels!

Team Bonding

There is, dear readers, something wonderful about preparing food with friends and colleagues. Even more so under expert guidance, with no preparation to worry about and no cleaning up afterwards (yes, the Sushiboy team even do the cleaning up). They source all their delicious, fresh ingredients right here in Ibiza and they are fast, friendly and professional.

Great Value Fun

They also deliver freshly made, delicious sushi to any location in Ibiza. With a background in corporate events, they can bring their expertise to practically any size of group, from a couple wanting to learn how to make sushi together at home, to large groups or private events. Their great value lessons start at €40 per adult and €25 for children for a two hour lesson with everything included. Suitable for all ages, it´s a uniquely fun way to spend time with friends and colleagues, whilst learning a great new skill and eating delicious food. Does Ibiza Spotlight recommend Sushiboy? Yes! Without hesitation!

Quick Facts:

What? Sushiboy private sushi lessons, delivery and events in Ibiza.

Where? At your home, villa, yacht or private event

When? All year round

Why? It´s great fun with friends, you learn a cool new skill and get to eat loads of gorgeous sushi!

Cost? From €40 per adult and €25 per child for a two hour lesson including all you need for the session: ingredients, table-settings and equipment.

Tip Tip? Give your party or special occasion that unique touch. Your friends will love it!

Vegetarian Options? Lots

Disabled friendly? Yes, you can choose your location with disabled facilities

Room for improvement? We almost ran out of rice towards the end after over-enthusiastic stuffings!


Please click here to contact SushiBoy Ibiza directly

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