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Days Out: Ibiza Jeep Safari

Always fancied a safari? Ibiza Jeep Safari offers a comprehensive adventure for all explorers.

There's a rather lovely true story to this article – for Ibiza Jeep Safari managed to turn around one couples opinion of the island, right at the end of their two week holiday.

Start of the Tour – Safety and Comfort

Ibiza Jeep Safari is a multi-lingual company (guides speak English, German, Dutch and of course Spanish) and with a fleet of open top four wheel drive vehicles, uplift their guests from various locations (see Quick Facts below for specifics) and then rendezvous in the middle of the island, for the safari to commence.

At point of rendezvous for all the jeeps, two things happen. Firstly you are assigned to a jeep where the guide speaks your language fluently. The second thing is a comprehensive safety brief and a hint of the journey you are about to experience. Confidence and anticipation is high!

The Tour Itself.

Ibiza Jeep Safari has a range of tours but I elected to jump aboard their 6 hour North Island tour, including a lunch break (covered in the cost) and a swim at one of the most famous beaches in the North.

Starting off, our own guide, Karolina proved herself to be passionate and well informed about Ibiza. To my delight, as I am renowned as a nervous passenger, she also drove extremely well and was considerate of our comfort.

We kept largely to the dust tracks of the island – known locally as caminos - with stops so we could see and learn about the vast range of vegetation on the island. The views were spectacular and the sense of remoteness, of being on safari, was wonderfully authentic.

With me in my vehicle was a lovely family from the UK. The parents were fans of Mallorca and mainland Spain but having booked for two weeks in San Antonio, had found themselves a little disappointed with Ibiza. They wanted to know the real Ibiza and had booked the tour in hopes of seeing it before they left…

As we drove through the centre of the North and then headed towards the coast, Karolina answered questions with enthusiasm and informatively, adding to the experience superbly.


The Ibiza Jeep Safari tour stopped for lunch at a traditional but very much off-the-beaten-track Ibicenco bar, where we tucked into pan y ali-oli (bread with garlic mayonnaise, Ibiza style), a hearty mains followed by fresh fruit (drinks need to be purchased separately)

The Afternoon

Returning to the vehicles, the soft canvas roof covers were rolled back and we were invited to stand, as in first gear, the jeeps started to climb up one of the meanest dirt tracks I've ever seen. With rocks the size of (large) watermelons we bounced and spun up into the hills, the scent of the pine forest around us refreshing in the mid-day heat.

The convoy stopped and following a guide on foot we found ourselves on a huge cliff edge and Ibiza's glorious coast stretching around us. Wow factor truly achieved.

Returning to the vehicles, we continued pure safari style along the coastline. Eventually, smiles and adrenalin truly inspired, we dropped back down and pulled into a beach. We were invited to take time out for a swim in the crystal clear waters or relax with a drink at the first class beach restaurant and bar.

Looking to the English family, that had spent two weeks being disappointed with the side of Ibiza they had seen (in fairness, their teenage child had enjoyed himself immensely), it was to see their grins – this Ibiza didn't disappoint at all. I bid them farewell, asking them to please come back one day and explore this glorious island more and I think now, they will.

Quick Facts

What? Ibiza Jeep Safari

Where? Pick-ups from across the island (hotels or local landmarks)

When? 9.30-10am onwards
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for the 6 hour tour (69 euro)
Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays for the shorter tour (55 euro)

Why? Fantastic way to see the real Ibiza, to learn of her legends, her flora and fauna, of her people.

Top Tips? If you're carrying a Pro Camera, make sure it's dust protected! In this article, all images were taken on an iPhone 4S. Take a bottle of water and a hat.

Room for Improvement? The tour takes you through some genuinely stunning scenery but if you're a keen photographer, it can be hard to try and capture this as the terrain is rough, causing severe camera shake. Perhaps 3 or 4 considered stops (without disembarking) could be added to ensure those amazing views are captured and become treasured mementos of a great day out.

Average spend per head? 55 – 69 euros depending on which tour chosen

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