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Yoga and dance for children

Yoga, dance and music for children, including storytelling and adventures, mindfulness and massage.

viernes 14 dic 2018
Desde: 16:00

Dónde: Galería del Elefante, Santa Gertrudis

Supercala combines music, yoga and dance; storytelling and adventures along with mindfulness and massage games for children aged five to seven years old.

For children, movement and sensation are critical for their health and wellbeing as well as learning and development.

Classes offer a fun and creative environment, better for learning, exploring each child's preferred way of learning whether visual, auditory or kinaesthetic.

Price: €8 each child

Location: Galeria Elefante, Santa Gertrudis

To make a booking: contact Emma via WhatsApp/mobile 0044 781 333 3774

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